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Monday, August 15, 2011

SHOCKER!?: Proof of AFL-CIO, SEIU and Democratic PAC Funds Are Going to the Communist Party USA

Ever wonder how the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), an organization that was initially started, run and funded by the U.S.S.R up until the fall of the Berlin Wall, is still able to get funding for a Newspaper, an HQ and even computers that allows them to do phone banks to recruit for the Communist Party?

That's easy...

From Unions and Democratic Political Action Committees (PAC)...

The annual Hershel Walker Peace and Justice Awards is put on by the fund raising arm of the CPUSA, the Friends of People's World. At the 19th annual awards ceremony this year the CPUSA handed out awards to several AFL-CIO members while raising more than $7,000 to help push forward the ideals of Communism.

Out of that $7,000 raised for the CPUSA more than $3,000 of it can be directly linked to either a Union affiliated with the AFL-CIO, SEIU, a Missouri Democratic PAC or one Democratic politician.

Where is this proof?

In the 19th Annual Hershel Walker Awards Ceremony booklet handed out at the event...where else?

Here is that booklet:

2011 Hershel Walker 'Peace & Justice' Awards

As you 'page' through the booklet you may notice that there are several ads for different local AFl-CIO and SEIU unions as well as some ads for Missouri politicians.

Being that this is a booklet for a CPUSA event you might think these ads were free considering the Communists' aversion to capitalism, well you would think wrong.

According to the events calender on the CPUSA News, People's World, each ad and even a table of 10 at the event cost a pretty penny:

"St. Louis, MO: Annual Hershel Walker 'Peace & Justice' awards breakfast

July 9 2011 09:00 - July 9 2011 12:00

Missouri / Kansas Friends of the People's World announce Sally Kohn will be the keynote speaker.

Sally Kohn has been called "the progressive answer to Glenn Beck." She is a grassroots organizer and media commentator, translating big ideas for everyday audiences. Sally is the Chief Education Officer of the Movement Vision Lab, a grassroots popular education organization.

The list of this year's 'Peace & Justice' awardees will be announced soon.

The breakfast will be held at the CWA Local 6300 union hall.

Tickets for the Breakfast are $25 per person; $200 for a table of 10.

Program booklet ads are $500 (full-page); $300 (half-page); and $150 (quarter-page). The ad program booklet deadline is July 1st."

So based upon the CPUSA's own advertisement for the event, you can do the math.

You take the cost of the 4 AFL-CIO Union ads (Labor Council, CWA, St. Louis Newspaper Guild- 1 Full, 2 Half and 1 Quarter page sizes) in the booklet and combined that with the 3 AFL-CIO tables that were purchased at the event and you get a total of $1,850. Then you add the one ad (Half page) from the local SEIU to get a revised total of $2,150.

But that isn't all.. if you take the $800 in ads (1 Full and 1 Half page) from the PACS of Democratic Politicians' Clem Smith and Jeantte Mott Oxford and add to that the $300 from the ad placed by Democrat Senator Robyn Wright-Jones herself (1 Half page and No PAC is Listed) you get a Grand Total of $3,250.

That is $3,250 that was given to the Communist Party USA by the AFL-CIO, SEIU, Democratic PACS and one Democratic politician.


Nah.. me either...



Anonymous said...

Good job, Patch!

The Newspaper Guild paid for a full page ad in a Communist Awards program? Well that explains the Post Dispatch agenda.

Slartey said...

What junk. All this fuss of $7,000 (even if it's accurate). While you may worry about the workers of a country taking over, I'm even more worried about the mega-wealthy that are the only ones that can buy a seat in mainstream US politics today...

Van said...

Nice shootin' Patch!