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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Secretary of Labor Supports Illegal Immigration In Speech To Communist Affiliated Organization

I have been told that watching the Communist Party USA isn't an important priority when it comes to the lives of everyday Americans.

I would respectfully disagree and point out that it's not just the Communist Party USA who needs watching, but those who they associate with. Especially when one of those "Associates" is in the Obama Administration.

According to an Article in the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) News, People's World, Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis, gave a speech at the 2011 Jobs with Justice National Conference in Washington D.C.. During her speech, the Labor Secretary gave her support for Illegal 'Immigration' when she said:

"I'm proud to institute an open door policy, to make sure we are listening to workers. That we allow for organizations, like Jobs With Justice, to join with us. And I share that deep commitment to protect all workers, especially the most vulnerable workers, such as those who come to this country in many different forms."

While her apparent support for illegal immigration is bothersome, it is not as disturbing as the fact to whom she is speaking, an organization called Jobs With Justice.

Jobs with Justice (JWJ) is openly affiliated with the Communist Party USA.

On the Kansas City and St. Louis JWJ websites they not only list the Young Communist League (YCL) as a member organization but the Communist Party USA's own fundraising organization, the Friends of People's World (Friends of PW).

If that isn't bad enough, the Board of Directors of the National JWJ lists Lara Granich, former board member and contact person for the Missouri JWJ, who accepted a CPUSA Award in 2009 at the 17th Annual Hershel Walker Peace and Justice Awards. Coincidentally, The Missouri JWJ website also lists the same Communist Organizations the YCL and the Friends of PW as members.

But the National JWJ board is full organizations that openly cooperate with the CPUSA or at least espouse the Marxist values of Social Justice and Wealth Redistribution.

A few of those listed are Ana Avendano of the AFL-CIO and Larry Cohen, President of the Communication Workers of America (CWA), who represent organizations that are well known for embracing the CPUSA.

For example, the 2011 CPUSA Hershel Walker Peace and Justice Awards Ceremony and Fund Raiser held in St. Louis Missouri, honored two AFL-CIO members while being held in a CWA Union Hall. Thanks to the Union Support that day, the CPUSA was able to raise $7,000 to help spread their "message" of destroying capitalism and "Fundamentally Changing" the United States.

So as you can see this is just another link in the long chain of Communist connections in the Obama Administration.

The question is when are the Majority of the America People going to wake up and see that this isn't the same "Political Game" that was played by their Great Grand Daddy.

Because what is at stake isn't if the next President will be "Liberal" or "Conservative"...

But if Future Generations will Live in Freedom...

Or Under a Communist/Progressive Totalitarian Regime.

Here is the video of the 2011 JWJ National Conference:

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