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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Propaganda: Obama Tries to Connect to the "Little Guy" In Weekly Address

President Obama's weekly address was filmed while he was on his Midwest Jobs Bus Tour. He tries a little too hard to come off as the "everyday American"...from the unbuttoned shirt, no tie with rolled up sleeves to the Country Store backdrop, this video is an obvious attempt at Propaganda that is to make the uneducated Obama followers feel like he is just one of them.

Because as you know.... shaking hands with people outside a machine shop or a church is one the requirements that makes anyone, even Obama, a "Little Guy"..... and not just some washed out politician who is trying to use a tax payer funded bus trip as a back drop for a "Campaign Tour".

Now if he had just said he kissed a baby outside a Wal-Mart then I may have fallen for his "I'm just one of you" propaganda...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yes Mr. President, put country before party and resign -- that is how you can best serve me.

what a load of pandering, condescending crap!