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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Progressive Propaganda FAIL: Tea Party Rally Cheering That They Are Responsible for S&P Downgrade

This is an obvious failure at propaganda that attempts to make it look like some Tea Party group is cheering the Downgrade of America's Credit rating. It was created by a Progressive website that promotes the removal of Governor Walker.

Whats sad is that there are People who actually believe this...



Van said...

Someone actually put their name on that?

That's almost a public service message: "Warning! We were stupid enough to do this to help ourselves, imagine what we can do for you!"

DavidInStLouis said...

Very good comment, Van - and observant! I wholeheartedly agree!

DavidInStLouis said...

P.S. Does P/Oed Patriot have access to the original video that might prove the reaction to that comment from the lady?

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

No David I don't, but being a Videographer myself I know it's not hard to edit a video to make it look like what it isn't.

First who were those in the crowd that cheered? Were they Leftist Plants? Possibly..

Second, the Progressive TV shows have been using this video as proof that the Tea Party is cheering the down grade of the S&P, but it's never longer than a few seconds. So unless we get the whole unedited version and find out who filmed it and who really cheered, we will never know the truth.

But ask yourself one thing...

Who benefits from the Tea Party "Cheering" the downgrade of the S&P?

Tea Party Movement?

Or the Progressives?