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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Product of Media Hate?: Sword Wielding Veteran Challenges Tea Party/ Ron Paul to Legal "Trial by Combat"

This Crazy (Or Normal?) individual is actually challenging the Tea Party and Ron Paul (And what he considers other terrorist organizations) to a Duel by sword.

According to his You Tube Page his name is David Caines who is a Married 38 year old Martial Artist and a disabled Marine.

I honestly don't know which way he leans politically except for the fact he seems to be upset about the destruction of Unions, is upset the Republicans aren't taxing the Billionaires but then doesn't want to Raise Taxes on the Wealthy and hates Republicans and encourages people to vote them out as can be seen in these comments:

"I think it truly needs to be understood that the GOP has moved into an open bid for singular control of the US govt. and will use any means to achieve it. And why? to bring back the robber baron style of govt of the 1800's. A type of governance which will place us behind even the third world and which threatens all Americans of all races , colors and creeds. I a not, not calling for violence here, but the GOP is in open outright treason to the good of the nation. vote them out.

"Shockingly, since they are terrified of actually taxing the 408 US Billionaires who own them outright, the Republicans having gutted the unions and broken ever promise ever made to them now have to turn against the elderly, and of course you guessed it, the veterans. Honestly I'd suggest that those in active service start getting plane tickets home and sue for breach of contract. If the nation isn't going to keep it's word, why on earth should they? Same for the police and Fire. Emt and teacher"

"@armyveteran101st Agreed-This Christie guy, millions in tax breaks, 600 mil to bailout a casino project and then hey there's no monety to pay our union folks ohh...well. It's like the guy comming home from the track who blew all of his money saying to his wife-sucks to be you...you find a way to pay for it. A the damned silly woman doesn't divorce him...?
A side question here and something that I think is at the root of this-should the rich pay a higher percentage in taxes?
Me- I say no."

But then in the next comment he says we need spending reform but need to tax everyone equally and is against Welfare:

"While I agree with you on many things, if we cut out all tax breaks, we would have a balanced budget. I lay this whole mess, including state "Crises" squarely on the backs of Republican spending. Bailing out friends and refusing to tax them is just as bad as welfare or the war ( Which I also oppose). We do need spending reform, but we also need to tax everyone equally. Until we do that no budget will fix anything.

So you can see my dilemma in trying to label this guy as left or right.

Either way, in order for "David" to challenge the Tea Party and Ron Paul to a Duel he has had to of become slightly unhinged.

So the question is... is David a product of the Media and Progressive hate coming from Congress calling Tea Partiers Terrorists and Extremists? Or is that just what pushed him over the line?

Or is he just nuts? Or All of the Above?

Is this the beginning of a trend that we will see as people buy into the whole idea that the Tea Party is a Bunch of "Terrorist Extremists"?

Let's Hope Not..



PioneerPreppy said...

About 1:40 in the video he declares it to be a "Legally sanctioned duel using SCA, Markland, LARP (etc.) rules" Which means it is simply using rebatted, pvc or rattan sticks depending on which rule set. Not real weapons.

By looking at the cheap rip off mild steel rapier he is waving around my guess is that he is an SCA fencer (Otherwise known as a wire-weenie) and is more into anarchy with somekind of fantasy view of medieval culture than any type of modern political ideologue.

More than likely with his claim of the duel being in Pennsylvania he is hoping to arrange something to be done at Pensic war which happens every year in Penn. About the middle of August.

He doesn't mention any sort of SCA title or fighting order so more than likely a fringe member. Prolly has a number of SCA friends who are professional students or teachers complaining about cuts and feels he is gonna fight for their honor.

My first guess is he is just an idiot.

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

I'll go along with that assessment...

Anonymous said...

Of which of the following doth this pillock know the least?
The U.S. Constitution
Traditional American culture
The life expectancy of his ilk in a 17th century monarchy

Toaster 802 said...

This guy needs more help than he is getting currently from the VA.

Get well brother. You will wake up from this bad dream someday.

Semper Fi.

david said...

Well, it was a bit mad , but it got your attention. I think sadly that your party has moved way past the place where any sort of sane response would even be looked at. It was a bit of a gamble, but here we are. So, would you children like to explain why it is that no longer being a first world nation is good for America. Perhaps how a lowered credit rating has ever helped anyone. There used to be 20 nations in the first world economy (AAA Rated) there are now 19, and we are no longer one of them. That to the tea party and to the tea party alone. The challenge is quite serious BTW, lets see one of you folks leave your fantasy world where what you say makes sense, and stand in a ring. Let's see anyone in your party in any way take responsibility for their actions and their rhetoric.
I even kind of get where your fantasy world comes from, but as the nation learned painfully this morning, that fantasy world fails to meet the standards of the rest of the world. You are making a nation that I love and have served a laughing stock. Nothing that I could post compares even slightly to that.
David Caines

PioneerPreppy said...


David David.... Had the dems actually cut spending in anyway except by "promising" to do so down the road... which they won't ever do. Then the rating would not have been cut. The rating was going to be downgraded no matter what if spending was not capped and as it turns out it wasn't despite what the Tea Party wanted. S and P looks at 4 or 5 years down the road and even the promised cuts were not going to be near enough.

Now I am not a tea partier, I am a strict Constitutionalists and ex military as well but I would be more than happy to dig my belt out of the retirement chest, where it has been for the past seven years, and school your A$$. You made the challenge have you got the fortitude (or money) to travel and back it up?

david said...

Well, as to travel I've made that clear. But as to the rest, of course, or i wouldn't have made the challenge in the first place. But if you're not a tp'er or other extremist then I don't see much point. Nor was the challenge extended to you. What I and most hold against the tp'ers is that they've shown the world that we Americans think that breaking our word is absolutely acceptable. As to the challenge, if you'd do us all the politeness of putting that up on my youtube channel where it's open to the world to see it. that would be a start. There is a comment section you know, but instead our tp'er host decided to whisk off to his little den and say bad things about me where I was unlikely to see them.
I am also a strict constitutionalist, but the modern version as Amended by we the people over the years as is outlined in that document itself. I recognize that I am one of 330,000,000 voters and it is not given to me to make the rules.

david said...

To answer the OP's question about left or right, I'm centrist. I think both sides have points, and if the right in particular could grow up and realize that some compromise is needed in the world of men, then we probably wouldn't be in this mess. I am an independent. I'm alright with the five day wait but otherwise think gun control means being able to hit your target. I like any sane person favor welfare and social security reform but neither side is actually offering that and after decades of ethno-terrorism every time it's been tried, who can blame them...but it still needs to be done. And yes, I do not think it is fair to tax the rich at a higher percent rate than the poor. And honestly I can see why many wealthy people oppose the idea, it's asinine and a punishment for doing well. Still when I made good money, I paid the higher rate, it is the law of the land and I'm not so damned special that I should be able to pick which laws I'll follow and which I don't. What I find most embarrassing about the TPer's is that instead of actually doing anything they've simply thrown a very public tantrum and by doing so embarrassed myself, my family and any other American sane enough to realize it. Get your shit together and stop acting like children and you may yet earn my support at present you've earned only my scorn.
Hope that helps.