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Monday, August 1, 2011

Pro Illegal Immigration Supporter Throws Water At Counter Protester

According to You Tube, July 29th was the one year anniversary of Arizona's law SB 1070 taking affect. Because of this, supporters of Illegal Immigration organized a "Jerico Walk" held in New York.

Oddly enough the "Jerico Walk" was supposed to be a religious peaceful protest in opposition to SB 1070. But that all changed when a person supporting SB 1070 showed up to counter protest.

The video shows a solitary woman wearing a sign who was subjected to foul language and assault in the form of an elderly man throwing water at her from his water bottle.

Just another example of how 'Peaceful' some on the left are.

The Federal Agents in the nearby building informed the woman that they would not doing anything about the assault.



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