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Friday, August 5, 2011

Odd Video Birthday Wishes to the President From His Supporters

I was surfing You Tube and discovered that many of President Obama's supporters created videos wishing him a Happy Birthday.

Many of them are funny (even though they didn't mean them to be) and some are disturbing. Here are a few of what I would say are the most.... entertaining...

Maybe there is a cultural divide here but why are they trying to feed the picture of the President cake???

Ok this video below is grounds for Divorce... really..

I get the impression they put alot of effort into this one... but should they have?

I'm almost speechless over this next one... wow.

I posted this next one because it was August 4th.. in New Jersey and the Rest of the United States. WTH?

I'll end your pain with this last video. This Obama supporter is not only allergic to Mosquitoes (????) but thinks Obama's birthday was on August 3rd.

To be fair to the girl in the above video, even Obama was confused about when his Birthday was this year.


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