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Monday, August 22, 2011

Obama Is Transforming the Economy, Not Trying to Save It....

Every time I sat down to compose this article I found myself never being able to finish it.


Well because I couldn't figure out how to explain that the Obama Administration isn't trying to save the Economy, but Transform it. Ironically my problem didn't stem from a lack of proof, but instead from too much.

See, the majority of people will never read a long article, even if I posted next weeks winning lottery numbers at the bottom, because we as a society are used to getting everything in an instant. You could say that technology, and videos in particular, have bred a generation with enough ADD that they would rather watch a minute long video than read a 3 page article even if it saved their life.

Knowing this I finally decided why should I tell you at all? Instead I'll let Obama and his administration do it for me.

How can I do this?

Well because Obama and his administration haven't been hiding their plans to transform the economy from an Oil base to a 'Green' base, but have instead been bragging about it.

Let me start where everything starts... at the beginning.

In May of 2007 then Senator Obama spoke at the Detroit Economic Club luncheon where he explained how Oil is not only a threat to our National Security, but is fueling Global Warming. He also states that America can not continue on this path and that there is no longer a choice, America must drastically change it's energy policy. He flat out states the age of oil must end in our time. Or as he also puts it the "Tyranny of Oil" must end. (comment starts around 1:40 mark)

After that video I could basically end this article now, Senator Obama just admitted to exactly what I just said President Obama is doing, transforming the economy. Senator Obama just explained in that short video clip why President Obama has done everything since he has taken office, from the Government take over of GM (Detroit is supposed to lead the Great Transformation as Obama just stated in the video) to the new regulatory actions by the EPA that are going to shut down coal plants and drive up energy prices. He is doing this because it is all in the name of his plan for transforming the economy, not saving it.

But I'm getting ahead of myself and just in case you think President Obama has changed his mind about Senator Obama's plan, think again.

The next video is of President Obama in 2009, giving his 'Stimulus Speech' where he explained how he has a plan to end the "Tyranny of Oil":

Also in 2009, President Obama states that 'Green Energy' will create millions of jobs and that he (the Government) needs to encourage those efforts:

How is Obama "encouraging their efforts" in transforming the economy?

One of the ways is through the Stimulus.

According to the Recovery.Gov website, the Obama administration has given billions of Dollars to agencies, like the $34 Billion given to the Department of Energy, in order to push forward his transformation plan. But again he doesn't hide what he is doing. The 'overview' of the Stimulus posted on the Recovery.Gov website explains exactly what the Stimulus is being used for:


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act) was signed into law by President Obama on February 17th, 2009. It is an unprecedented effort to jumpstart our economy, create or save millions of jobs, and put a down payment on addressing long-neglected challenges so our country can thrive in the 21st century. The Act is an extraordinary response to a crisis unlike any since the Great Depression, and includes measures to modernize our nation's infrastructure, enhance energy independence, expand educational opportunities, preserve and improve affordable health care, provide tax relief, and protect those in greatest need."

What is not only mind boggling, and in some way disturbingly impressive, is how the Obama administration is using all of the Government agencies to push forward his plan, even the USDA.

For example, the Department of Energy (DOE) "invested" 3.4 Billion dollars to push forward the Smart Grid not to mention the billions of dollars worth of loans that they have guaranteed for 'Green Tech' since the Stimulus was passed.

The EPA just gave a Million dollar grant to power "Green" locomotives in upstate New York to help push forward the transition. But when the EPA isn't busy handing out money for Green Tech grants, they are patting companies, and even cities, on the back for falling in line behind the 'Green' transformation plan, like they did recently by awarding the town of Medicine Bow for installing wind turbines at their water facilities.

If that isn't enough, how about the Department of Labor using $750 Million dollars for "Training Grants for Green Jobs and Emerging Industry Sectors." That sure is a lot of money for training for jobs that basically don't exist.

Better yet, and one of my personal favorites, the USDA just announced over $300,000 that is to be awarded to 900 recipients for "Green Energy Grants". Yep you read that right, the United States Department of Agriculture is handing out Grants for pushing forward the Green transformation.

And these are just a few of the tens of thousands of projects being pushed forward by all Government agencies in this effort to "End the Tyranny of Oil".

But Obama using his administration in order to supply funding for his vision of the future isn't the only way he is "encouraging private sectors efforts".

In the next video, Energy Secretary Chu, the Jobs Creator according to President Obama, explains why he thinks we need to transform the economy and that in order to make sure that happens the President has to "encourage (there is that word again) private investment" in 'Green Tech'.


By making Guarantees to the Private Sector that there will be a Market for their Green Products. (Watch the whole thing if you can, otherwise the comment starts at the 17:50 Mark)

In order for Obama's dream of ending the "Tyranny of Oil" to become reality then all of us 'Consumers' must be 'Guided' by the Government to buy all of this 'Green Tech' so that the Obama administration can "Guarantee" the "Private Sector" a market in which there will be steady demand.

How will they do this?

Well that answer is two fold.

First, the Obama administration must do everything they can to force up energy prices in order to make expensive Green Tech look cheap in comparison.

How? Through Regulations.

For example this past week the EPA created new rules for coal-fired power plants which will in turn cause some power plants to close, which naturally will cause a shortage in energy production and thereby cause the price of energy to go up. Once the price of energy is high enough you will be more 'willing' to embrace the 'transformation' and the Government 'Guided' technology like the Smart Grid.

By using Regulations instead of laws, the Obama administration bypasses Congress and essentially the Will of the People.

This type of strategy explains why President Obama wasn't afraid to say he supports High Gas Prices as you can see in the next video:

This also explains why Obama has been doing everything he can to stand in the way of Oil production, why he basically created an electric car mandate through new CAFE standards and is even giving the EPA the power to write energy efficiency standards for home appliances. It's because, as Obama admitted years ago when he said his energy plan would make energy prices skyrocket, it's all meant to make you to accept his new 'Transformed' Green economy by limiting your choices and forcing you to live the way they want you to by hitting you in your wallet. And more importantly doing all of this without your consent.

But as I stated before Obama's Plan that is going to "Guarantee" a Market to the private sector for their "Green" Products is actually two fold.

First was he is going to force you to buy the 'Green Tech' by creating high energy prices through regulation.

But the Second way is a bit more nefarious than the First.


Because it equates to an active campaign being waged by the Federal Government in order to brain wash your children.

Steven Chu admitted as much in the next video, where he says that one of the ways to help you become more Green is to use your children to convince you:

See the Obama administration can't count on you to like what he is doing, so in order for future consumers, your children, to get on board with the restriction of their freedoms for the sake of the planet and to get them to happily buy the Government motivated 'Green' Tech then they must believe that their life depends on it.

So the easiest way for the Obama administration to do that is to make an end run around parents and set up Global Warming Indoctrination programs in your child's school.

Several months ago I discovered that the Department of Energy is running a school 'Contest' that will award kids and schools cash and prizes for learning about how to be more Energy Efficient while at the same time learning about Global Warming.

To Add insult to injury the Department of Interior announced this year the creation of the 21st Century Youth Conservation Corps. This 'Corps' will help teach kids about conservation and the impacts of climate change on the nation's 'Natural Resources'. But what the Department of the Interior didn't explain is that President Obama's own union buddies, SEIU, is a partner in the program and that the 'Corps' will be traveling to your child's school in order to recruit them for 'Government Service'.

Now as you can see, the Obama administration is in the process of the Largest Government Forced Economic 'Transition' in History by doing everything they can to Transform the Economy into a New Green One. But in order for that to take place the Old Oil Economy must die.

The problem with that line of thinking is that the U.S. economy will collapse under the weight of the Government induced High Energy Prices and Over Regulation long before the 'Great Transformation' of the Economy is complete.

So maybe I should change the title of this article to read....

Obama Isn't trying to Save the Economy... But Destroy It.



Van said...

"See, the majority of people will never read a long article, even if I posted next weeks winning lottery numbers at the bottom, because we as a society are used to getting everything in an instant. "

And then there's us contrarians who are more likely to read the article and skp the videos.

"Well because I couldn't figure out how to explain that the Obama Administration isn't trying to save the Economy, but Transform it."

Cash for Clunkers is a perfect example, a govt program which transformed real wealth - functional and affordable cars, transformed into 'cash' that has been losing its value faster than a used car ever did. It was the first program I can think of that actually destroyed the a sizable chunk of our wealth... and with the loss of available and affordable vehicle alternatives, also helps to box us into the greenie economy.

"Obama Isn't trying to Save the Economy... But Destroy It."

Oh, tut, tut, we don't use such sharp (and accurate) terms these days, he is simply being more egalitarian about his transformations, seeking to transform an elitist and animated economy, into the much more common inanimate economy. That's all.

Excellent post Patch.

Mr Patch W. Adams said...


When I wrote that I couldn't figure out how to explain what is happening, I should have said I couldn't figure out how to explain it in 3000 words or less. Lol

I left out about 6 more videos and thousands of examples of whats going on but I knew I was running a risk with such a long article.

Thanks for reading it and promoting it.

Even though it's the length of a short story. lol

Van said...

Heh, as Crocodile Dundee might say (if he read),
"A 'shart stary'? Thas noht a shart stary,[reaches into backpack] now This is a shart stary!"

Like the stocky kid who stands with the fat kid to look skinny... you're welcome to set your 1,750 words next to my 2,350 anytime.


Margaret said...

Latest news on enery:


Anonymous said...

Important information doesn’t always easily fit into a byte. I appreciate the effort.

This green push seems to be part of a larger agenda that would intentionally bankrupt the US and liquidate the country’s assets to a global Superstate (or at least that’s the fantasy). This has UN fingerprints all over it. Obama seems to have no problem ceding US sovereignty to the UN. In conflict with the Constitution, the UN does not believe in natural rights. It deems that rights are granted by man and can therefore be withdrawn by man.