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Monday, August 1, 2011

Never Forget That Washington's Big Spenders Vilify Tea Party For Urging Fiscal Discipline

It seems that a deal has been struck between the Republicans and the President on a new Debt Deal.

If that is so make sure you don't forget how those on the left and the right try to throw the Tea Party under the bus.

According to You Tube:

"JULY 31, WASHINGTON—Speaking on the Senate floor last night, Sen. Sessions explained that members of the Tea Party and their supporters "understand an important fact: This Congress is spending too much money. They are exactly correct in that regard. No Member of the United States Congress can, with clear conscience, look their constituents in the eye and say we have managed their money wisely."

The federal government currently borrows 40 cents of every dollar it spends, yet even the modest cuts most recently proposed by the Republican-led House have been met with stiff resistance by Washington's "big spenders." Senate Democrats and the White House haven't presented a real plan to cut spending all year, even after surging it so dramatically since 2008 (our gross debt will soon be as large as the entire economy, undermining economic confidence, stability, and growth)."


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Mongrol said...

This speech will not be seen on NBC, CBS, or ABC's World News Tonight!