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Monday, August 29, 2011

More Hurricane Morons?: Jet-ski Madness Spreads

It seems like if you combine raw sewage, flooding and a jet-ski it produces at least one idiot who will ride it.

Below is a video of a flooded street in Newark New Jersey where a guy decides to use his jet-ski to... sit just there:

Here is another video of a group of people who think its a good idea to pile on a jet ski and ride it in a flooded field:

Here is a video of what appears to be a guy riding a jet-ski in a flooded street of New York:

Here is a news report before the storm hit of some jet-skiers sill riding around in the harbor:

And here is a video of an unknown town where a couple of people decide to use their jet-ski to go screaming down a flooded street:

Finally here is a video of two guys riding the waves of Irene in Florida on, you guessed it, Jet-skis:

Morons... they are everywhere.


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