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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Illegal Student: "I Am Not Going Down Without A Fight, I Will Put Up Resistance As Long As There Is Blood Pumping Through My Veins"

Gustavo Madrigal, an illegal alien in Georgia, spoke at a rally recently where he explained how his parents came into this country illegally.

After his heart tugging story of why he feels he isn't an "Illegal" he goes on to say that he is here to tell the state of Georgia that he "Isn't going down without a fight" and that he will "Put up resistance as long as there is blood pumping through his veins."

What this very confused young man doesn't seem to understand is that a society will rise or fall based upon if it is ruled by man or by the rule of law. If this nation continues to become a nation ruled by man where the masses and/or politicians can choose to ignore any laws they wish without any consequences then No One's Human and Constitutional Rights can or will be upheld.

If he actually cared about anyone else but himself he would go back to where his family came from and come back into this country the proper way thereby preserving the integrity of a nation ruled by laws and thus preserving those "Rights" he so loudly proclaims in his false righteousness.

If Poverty can be used by people, like Gustavo, as a legitimate reason for breaking the law while at the same time the Politicians in Washington can use Elitism as a reason not to enforce those same laws, then what laws have to be followed....and by whom...and Why?


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