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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Grassroots FAIL:' Incognito' SEIU Protesters Show Up In School Buses and Outed By Dem Rep at a Bachmann Fund Raiser

In an apparent attempt to hide their identities, members of SEIU and the Progressive Take Action organization dressed in plain clothes, instead of their traditional purple shirts, and even demonstrated without SEIU printed signs in order to protest a Michelle Bachmann fundraiser.

At the beginning of the video the not so obvious Astro-Turf organized protest transported their minions using 2 unmarked school buses.

The Irony of all of this is that a normal surfer on the web who just stumbled upon this video may have actually believed the protest was just a bunch of people who got together to protest Michelle Bachmann.

But thanks to an interview with state Rep, Phyllis Kahn, the protesters true Astro Turf roots were brought to light. (Around the 2:00 Mark)

What can we all learn from this...?

Well.. the cost of 2 unmarked school buses, one rented limo and 2 big paper heads for an SEIU incognito protest- $1,500.

Being outed by a Clueless State Rep while staring into a video camera.....



1 comment:

nicedeb said...

Sounds like Van Jones' commie astroturf group - "Rebuild the Dream". They're trying to copy the tea party so make their own signs and leave the union tees at home.

As you could see, none of them had anything original or intelligent to say. Someone else is pulling the strings.