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Monday, August 8, 2011

DOE Pushes For New Powers Via Executive Order To Mandate and Enforce Home Appliance Efficiency Standards

Did it ever occur to you that the Obama Administration loves to mandate behavior through laws, regulations and standards?

I mean we have the Health Care Mandate, new CAFE Standards that equate to an Electric Car Mandate and now the Department of Energy is pushing to get the power to Mandate and Enforce Energy Efficiency Standards for Home Appliances.

According to an Article on Business News Online, President Obama will be signing an executive order "hopefully" in order to give the Department of Energy these new powers sometime this year:

"Energy Undersecretary Loreta G. Ayson said in an interview at the sidelines yesterday of an energy efficiency forum here that she was hopeful that an executive order giving the DoE such mandate, which is currently held by the Trade department’s Bureau of Product Standards (BPS), would be issued within this year.

While such a mandate is included in the energy efficiency bill that the Energy department is pushing for approval within this 15th Congress, Ms. Ayson acknowledged that it takes time to approve a legislative measure.

“We need an executive order. Hopefully, [it will be issued] within this year,” she said.

Ms. Ayson said discussions are under way between the Energy and Trade departments on the prospective standards.

At present, it is BPS that is mandated to develop, implement and coordinate standardization activities in the country.

Raquel S. Huliganga, director of the Energy Research and Testing Laboratory Services, said the DOE currently handles testing, certification and labeling of lighting systems and household appliances for energy efficiency, while the BPS tests the products for safety and quality.

Monitoring compliance with standards is currently BPS’ responsibility, she noted.

“We are hoping for DoE to handle energy labeling as well as monitoring compliance with the standards,” Ms. Huliganga said.

Products covered by the DoE’s energy labeling program include compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), ballasts, refrigerators (up to eight feet) and air-conditioners (both window-type and split-type).

The program is being expanded to include refrigerators measuring up to 12 ft., television sets and washing machines, Ms. Huliganga added.

Energy efficiency standards will also be drawn up for LED (light-emitting diode) lamps early next year, Ms. Ayson said."

Oddly enough the DOE wants these powers because you, the consumer, are not living by the DOE standards. The DOE undersecretary says that she knows energy efficient appliances are expense and unfortunately you are buying the cheap ones instead. So you not only need help in making choices but some 'Re-Education' as well:

"She acknowledged that the higher the energy efficiency rating, the more expensive a product is likely to be.

“Unfortunately, most consumers still prefer the lower priced products,” Ms. Ayson said.

“The cheap ones are likely to be less efficient. Sometimes, they’re dangerous,” she added.

Hence, Ms. Ayson said, the department will soon launch a “Do Right, Be Right” campaign to raise consumer awareness on the merits of energy efficiency."

So isn't it nice to know that the DOE is just so concerned about you? I mean they care about you so much they want to limit your choices to make sure you make the right one... according to them.

I mean whats the worst thing that could happen...

The DOE mandates all Appliance Manufactures create nothing but Demand Response Appliances for the Smart Grid?

Nah that would Never Happen.. Not In This Country...

Would it?


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Patsy said...

You bet it can and probably will if we don't wake up and do something.