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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dem Rep- 'The Tea Party Is The Real Enemy'

So what ever happened to Al-Qaeda being the "enemy"?



Rosemary said...

I guess we can expect that 95% of blacks, who vote emotionally rather than rationally, will be upset with the Tea Party people. The blacks take any opposition to obummer as a personal affront to them. You see, these people are not accustomed to being criticized because they've always had the race card to use. Whites, on the other hand, take criticism in stride and consider the source.

Anonymous said...

For this kind of ridiculous ranting to come to an end, it will take strong, Black American voices to take a stand against the Democrats that are spewing such nonsense. Star Parker and Alan West are pointing out how the black communities are tied to the Uncle Sam, Big Government Plantation (Star Parker's words) and the Democratic Party Plantation (Alan West's words). I heard a black man call into a conservative talk show the other day and said that his whole family thinks that he is crazy for being a conservative. Bless him and may he stand strong in his beliefs! Class warfare has been going on for decades - the Democratic Party captured the black community and have kept them in poverty since their capture.