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Sunday, August 28, 2011

*UPDATE* Civility?: Videos of Socialist & Union Protesters At Napa Valley Tea Party

Several not so 'civil' Union Protesters showed up during a recent Tea Party Express stop in Napa Valley, California.

In this video it shows protesters beating on the fence, mocking Tea Party members and one protesters even says, "Go Back To England You F**ker":

This next video might as well be showing a groups of Marxists at a protest:

In this last video Tony Katz confronts some of the protesters:

As you can see these particular protesters seem to not only lack civility, but individual thought.

They seem to embrace the motto 'It's easier to Hate than it is to Civilly Communicate.'


It would seem that the Protesters not only consisted of some Union members but Socialists from the "Green Tea" Party (Notice the SDS Signs with the Red Fists). Here is their video of the protest:

The obvious intelligence factor in this video is overwhelming... and the fact that the video leaves out the 'civil' protest at the fence just goes to show that anyone can spin anything if they edit out the 'bad' parts.


1 comment:

Rosemary said...

They've all got a one-track mind and that's to "tax the rich." The problem with these trailor trash is almost EVERYONE is rich in their estimation. Even obummer considers someone making $200,000 a year "rich."

Many years ago, when I was earning a modest salary of $13,000/year, a neighbor who saw me making purchases totaling $65 felt that I had "money," while she did not. I made my purchases all at once because I worked during the week and had no time to shop, while she was home all day.

The point is that jealousy is at the root of most of this dissent. Most people who do not make ends meet are not intelligent enough to spend what they have wisely. Stupid is forever because there is no cure for it.