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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

White Union Defense Attorney in Gladney Trial; "Uncle Tom Negro Isn't Offensive To Me"

The Kenneth Gladney Trial, the case that consisted of a Black Vendor (Kenneth) at a Russ Carnahan Town Hall who was beaten by two Union Members because he was mistaken for a Tea Partier, was doomed from the start.

As I sat in the courtroom today watching the closing arguments, the difference between the prosecuting attorney and the union paid private lawyer was as stark a contrast as night is from day. The spit, polish and confidence of the union lawyer, compared to the stumbling and stuttering of the unsure prosecuting attorney made it more than obvious what the outcome of this trial was going to be.

While the union paid lawyer made a memorable closing argument that lasted more than 10 minutes, the obviously inexperienced prosecuting attorney spoke for less than 5 and the most memorable thing he said was that "Kenneth was smaller than the two union members who attacked him". Sadly that 5 minutes consisted of 4 minutes 40 seconds of closing argument and 20 seconds of rebuttal.

While that was a noticeable difference, what really stood out to me was not so much the miss match of the two attorneys, but instead some of what the defense lawyer said to convince the jury that the two union members were innocent of the crime.

At one point the white, obviously well paid, union defense attorney said: "the phrase Uncle Tom Negro isn't offensive to me." For a minute my mouth dropped open as he continued:

"while that phrase isn't offensive to me, obviously Kenneth Gladney did find it offensive which is what caused him to react the way he did."

One of the arguments that the defense lawyer made was that one of the union members called Kenneth Gladney an "Uncle Tom Negro". But according to Kenneth, it was a word that started with an N that would be highly offensive to any Black citizen. This phrase "Uncle Tom Negro", according to the union defense lawyer, caused Kenneth to slap one of the union members in some way, which led to Kenneth's beating.

Sadly the union defense lawyer was implying that being called an "Uncle Tom Negro" isn't as bad as being called a "N**ger" and being called an "Uncle Tom Negro" wasn't "Offensive Enough" for someone to lash out in anger. (Kenneth says the union members hit him first.)

Unlike the white, union lawyer either term is offensive to me, but then again what do I know? I'm just a visually impaired white man of Irish and French decent who grew up in a racially diverse family.

One of the other arguments that the union lawyer made was that Kenneth Gladney was not just some "vendor" selling Don't Tread on Me Flags and buttons, but was indeed a Tea Party member that not only showed up to the Town Hall as a Tea Partier but also a Tea Party gathering in his honor the day after the beating and was also paid by the Tea Party to "Push their Agenda".

The Defense attorney seemed to say that if Kenneth was a Tea Partier he almost deserved the beating because as the Defense Lawyer pointed out:

"The Tea Party were the people inside the Town Hall yelling and screaming."

So basically the Union Paid Lawyer was playing into the stereo type of the 'lame' stream media that Tea Partiers are angry violent people who would take offense at being called an "Uncle Tom Negro" and pick a fight with two larger union members because of it.

Well after watching the pathetic circus that comprised the closing arguments, and only an hour in deliberation, the Jury came back with a verdict of Not Guilty.

To me it was obvious that the case was given to an inexperienced prosecuting attorney who didn't know his ass from a paralegal , either on purpose or because no experienced lawyer in the prosecuting attorney's office wanted to touch it with a 10 foot pole, and that is why the highly paid union lawyer won.

Or as the left would say...

It was a case between Poor Black Kenneth Gladney the individual ....

Who didn't have a chance to win against the Wealthy White Union Establishment...


I don't think so...



Anonymous said...

What can we expect from the judicial system after Casey Anthony and O J Simpson cases, just to name a couple. I am sure there is only as much justice as you can "afford". Let's face it, the UNIONS have lots of the hard working mans money and they spend it on what THEY want!

Anonymous said...

Bob McCullough probably told his subordinate that remaining in the office of the Co. Prosecutor was contingent upon knowing when to lose his case.

Margaret said...

A conservative, especially a black conservative, cannot get justice in Liberal White America.

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Kenneth Gladney should have won the case only if he had the right and the best attorneys on the court. Anyway, I hope that the the court will provide fair justice to all people regardless of the race and color.

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