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Thursday, July 21, 2011

White House Controlling MSNBC?

According to The Blaze:

"Cenk Uygur hosted a prime-time show on the MSNBC after the Keith Olbermann firing resulted in a rearrangement of the prime time lineup. Uygur filled the 6 p.m. Eastern slot vacated by Ed Schultz since late January. In the video Uygur explains he turned down a significantly larger MSNBC contract for a much smaller role because he was told by the MSNBC president that the decision to remove him from primetime was due to political pressure from people in Washington who did not like his “tone” which was very critical of President Obama."

Wow.. It's nice to know that Obama didn't have to "Bail Out" MSNBC in order to control them... like he did with GM.


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