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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SEIU President: What's the Best Idea to Create Jobs? Go After the Rich...

According to an article in The Atlantic, It would seem that the President of SEIU, Mary Kay Henry, has all the answers when it comes to job creation. She says the United States has enough money it's just that "Some People" have forgotten how to "Share":

"What's the single best idea to jump start job creation?

While nearly 30 million Americans continue to look for full-time work, life has never been better for America's wealthy.

While a janitor in Minneapolis breaks the news to her daughter that mommy lost her job, Verizon sits flush with $24 billion in profits over the past two years and hasn't had to pay a dime in taxes.

While one out of every four American children go to bed hungry each night, former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship can sleep well dreaming about his $86 million in pay and $4 million of bonus Bush-era tax cuts.

America is not broke. Some of us have just forgotten our childhood lessons about sharing and fairness. And this growing divide between millionaires and CEOs and the rest of us is simply un-American. We can put Americans back to work. But only if our government and the private sector find common ground in getting everyone--CEOs and millionaires included--to pay their fair share in our democracy and invest in the good jobs we need. With America facing such a great crisis, we can no longer afford to pay corporations to offshore American jobs. Simply ending this tax break alone would save taxpayers as much as $40 billion a year, discourage corporations from moving jobs to China, and create up to 300,000 American jobs a year.

We can no longer afford tax subsidies for big oil companies, we can no longer afford to allow corporations like Wells Fargo to receive a $4 billion refund from taxpayers after posting $12 billion in profits, and CEOs like Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson can afford to go without his $1.4 million Bush era tax cut. With $800 billion, money generated by rolling back corporate tax breaks and forcing millionaires and corporations to pay their fair share, we could put more than six million Americans back to work over the next two years. These workers will in turn spend their wages and help create millions more jobs."

While I would agree big oil doesn't need subsidies from the federal government, I would argue that just because someone or some corporation has "more" than someone else, it doesn't give Ms. Henry, or the Federal Government, the "Right" to redistribute it.

If one person's Right to their private property is infringed upon, then everyones' Right the their private property is infringed upon....

Just because the Progressives are coming for your Wealthy neighbor now..

Doesn't mean they won't be knocking on your door next...

Liberty and Freedom for All...

Or None.


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flyovercindy said...

Good post, P.O.'d! That seems to be the toughest thing to get people to understand - if the government is allowed to take from one, they will be able to take from anyone.