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Sunday, July 3, 2011

SEIU Blames GOP For Minnesota Gov Shut Down / Cuts in Education

According to SEIU:

"The conservative majority in the legislature is threatening to shut down the government in order to protect the wealthiest 2% of Minnesotan's while asking the rest of us to sacrifice by cutting education, increasing tuition for college students, laying off police officers and raising property taxes."

Same old Same old Class warfare propaganda....

What part of "Can't Afford" does the left in this country not understand...?




Oback Arama said...

Recall Mark Dayton. That's the answer to these goof balls. The government is shut down because he wanted it shut down. It's the new ObamaCrat strategy: Shut it down and then instruct the main stream media to point their fingers at the other party. Spending cuts are not an option.

Mongrol said...

I pay $15.00 for a half-hour of drum/guitar lessons for my kids through the free-market system. My high school child must sell $200.00 worth of pizzas for his baseball uniforms, so there are ways around budget problems. But you probably need to look into the union teachers salary/pensions to see how much they have gone up in the last few years.