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Monday, July 25, 2011

Russian News's Max Keiser: "Obama financially lynched by racist GOP"

According to Russian News, RT:

"Greece let out a sigh of relief this week as - after long talks - EU leaders finally agreed on how to help the country avoid defaulting on its debt. Athens will now receive a new bailout worth an estimated 109 billion euros. The plan was agreed after Greece approved severe austerity measures, sending thousands onto the streets in protest. The rescue will also involve lowering interest rates on Greek debt and extending the repayment period. The package also doubles the time given to bankrupt Portugal and Ireland to pay back their own loans. Meanwhile, Spain - which has the highest unemployment rate in the Eurozone - saw thousands of protestors converge on Madrid on Saturday. They camped out in the city centre, after marching from across the country. For more on where the Eurozone is headed RT talks to financial analyst and host of the 'Keiser Report' here on RT, Max Keiser."

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Keith W said...

Party of Racists!!! WTF! Well he lives in Paris, so he may not know American history, but me thinks he is confusing the Republicans with the Democrats, that was the party of racism!