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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Poor" Man With Internet and a Computer Says "F**k You to Tea Party/ Republican C**K Suckers" For Not Caring About the "Poor"


This video falls into the category of 'Moron'.

This man who claims he is "poor", so "poor" in fact he has Internet Access and either a video camera or a home computer with a webcam, says "F*ck You" to the Republican and the Tea Party "C*ck Suckers" who don't care about "poor" people like him.

Someone want to explain to this man that if he is so "poor" he has no business wasting money on the Internet and a Computer?



Anonymous said...

Little does this deluded man know that the people who treat him like a human being with feelings and serve him at the soup kitchen are Republican Tea Party members, and that charities are overwhelmingly supported by Americans who happen to be registered Republican who out-contribute to charity, regardless of their income, over Democrats. If the media wasn't filling his head with hostile soundbites 24/7, he wouldn't know what to say to the camera.

Anonymous said...

This guy is funny! I am so happy to say to this bozo that I belong to three Tea Party groups. I go and defend my country by protesting crazy legislation in Washington like Obamacare and I protest city counsils that put their buddies into government positions such as in Arnold, MO. I'm proud to be a Tea Partier and not a Socialist like Mr. Pottymouth!