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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Obama's Wants "Shared Sacrifice" In Order to Curb Debt

According to You Tube:

"President Obama emphasizes the importance of compromise and shared sacrifice so that we can overcome our fiscal challenges and get our economy on a stronger footing going forward."

So does "Shared Sacrifice" mean no more Parties at the White House or Shopping Trips for the First Lady to Europe and Africa?

Didn't think so...



Anonymous said...

Carter 2 the sequel everybody!

Mongrol said...

How come nobody talks of cutting Foreign Aid? It is like welfare for whole countries.

erick said...

Immediately cut every federal goverment employee's, starting with the president, salary in half; eliminate the special social security program that congress and the house of reps have; immediately abolish all retirement programs for currently retired congress peoplke and representatives (they are millionaires to begin with) and let the current and past congress people and representatives pay the corporate United States national debt that they created!