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Monday, July 25, 2011

Obama Preaches Compromise and Uses Scare Tactics/Class Warfare in Weekly Address

During President Obama's most recent weekly address he does his best to try and look centrist and reasonable calling for "Compromise" on both sides.

But he seems to throw all of the "touchy feely" togetherness out the window as he dives right back into using Scare Tactics and Class Warfare.

So when he talks compromise is he referring to the same 'compromise' that he was open to during the debate over Obamacare?

Oh wait, never mind... he didn't compromise on Obamacare...

He just shoved that down our throats.


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Anonymous said...

Druge is reporting that Obama and Geithner are telling big bank execs that there will be no default if the debt ceiling isn’t raised. But they’re using fear to scare Americans to support raising the debt ceiling. He has absolutely no respect for this country or the people. The president and Congress seem to be deceiving us for their own political interests.