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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Obama Campaign Worker and Progressive Blogger Melt Down: Tea Partiers are "Sociopathic, Homicidal Little Sh*t and Get the F*ck Out of Mine (Country)"

It would seem that the Debt Ceiling Debate, and the perceived Tea Party influence on it, is causing a collective Progressive meltdown online.

Yesterday I posted this video of an unknown progressive man having an apparent meltdown where he used profane language to express his feelings about the Tea Party, Republicans and the Debt Ceiling.

I assumed that this was a lone case of hatred coming from the left because as you know, the President called for a "New Era of Civility" after the tragic shooting in Arizona.

But it would seem that as one progressive after another finally melts down under the perceived Tea Party influence in Washington D.C. the new "Era of Civility" is becoming the "Era of Vulgarity".

Sarah Wood, a blogger known as the Opinionated Democrat, is apparently the next progressive to crack under the "Tea Party" Pressure in her new vulgar video titled "My Message to the Tea Party". According to Sarah's Facebook page she is an Obama supporter who worked on his 08 Campaign and was raised in a conservative home but was successfully brainwashed in college into becoming a flaming progressive. In her photos section of her Facebook page she expresses her true 'civility' with pictures that compares Conservatives to Hitler and Liberals to Jesus, a picture of Sarah Palin with a Hitler mustache titled 'Palinitler' and a photo that compares Hitler to people like : Hermain Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Micheal Steele and Newt Gingrich.

But during her 7:00 minute long video rant (Warning Foul Language) is where Sarah totally embraces Obama's new 'Civility' by calling Tea Partiers "Sociopathic, Homicidal Little Shit" and goes on to eloquently tell the Tea Party to "Shut Up and it's my Free Speech to tell you to Shut Up". Sarah then goes on with her illogical babble to claim that Tea Partiers are "Ass Holes" because they want to cut spending in the Federal Budget. She then continues by saying that "We have to spend money in this country, we can't not spend money in this country. Do you not like Civilization? Do you want to live in a Mud Hut in your Fucking Yard?" Sarah ends her rant by calling Tea Partiers "nincompoops" and tells them to "shut their pie hole" and 'civilly' tells Tea Partiers that "if you want a crumbling bridges and building kind of country, get the fuck out of mine"

With this kind of 'civility' coming from Obama supporters who needs Al-Qaeda?

Here is the video:



Anonymous said...

wow. she's awesome, isn't she?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, aside from being super cute and funny she makes really good points.

Anonymous said...

funny how each of the photos you try to demonize her for having on her facebook page are from the album "Fan Photos" meaning these are photos that her fans posted on her page, not ones she selected to share. Secondly, for each of those Hitler comparison photos that her fans shared there was a comment below it from her stating that no one is but Hitler is truly like Hitler. So whomever wrote this piece is either willfully ignoring those facts in order to paint the worst possible picture (deceptive) or he is just about the laziest researcher since... well anyone that writes for faux news.

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

Anonymous,If she allows such pictures to be posted on her page then it demonstrates her acceptance of the pictures, disclaimer or not. She has the ability to delete the pictures she finds offensive.

Second,if you had bothered to actually read the posting then you would have noticed who wrote this..but I guess that might have been too much work for you.

The "Good points" she makes are progressive talking points cloaked in generalities. What Tea Party has asked for the removal of the police and fire department? Limited Government does not mean NO Government. But to admit that would totally destroy the progressive bloggers point of view.

The Progressives that left comments here sadly demonstrate the problem with many mindless zombies on both sides of the fence. That it's easier to believe stereotypes and generalities than it is to actually understand your opponents point of view.

Next time be brave enough to leave your name... and not just parrot talking points. Might be more fun and may make a better impression!

Norm Karlik said...

I agree with her!

true american said...

She makes a lot of great points. She pretty much has it nailed. I wonder what district she live in. She should run for office.

Mr Liberal said...

This coming from a guy who likes to compare himself to McCarthy? You're opinions are pretty much moot. Thanks for playing jr.

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

It's nice to see so many of you on the left embracing President Obama's call for Civility.

Anonymous said...

Have to admit, she made some really great points in that video. I'm kind of tired of people playing games in D.C. with my life - my future. I voted for McCain/Palin, and was really hoping Palin would run against Barry this time around. I was planning on voting for Bachmann, but now after seeing that girl's video, I'm not so sure.

I think it's time we start thinking about only ourselves and instead think about this country. What the GOP and Tea Party is doing, while it seemed right, isn't working for everyone.

I don't know if I'm going to vote for Obama - that's kind of tough to choke down. But maybe it's time I start reconsidering just what I stand for.

Thanks, Opinionated Democrat, for food for thought.

Anonymous said...

This is probably the most traffic you have ever had on your little site. Wow, and just think all from one little progressive. Progressives. We're coming for ya, and we are gonna take this country back.

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

LOL No Anonymous it isn't but thank you for your concern.

It is the most hate I have had this early in the morning so you guys from her Facebook page did at least break that record.

But hey, what ever floats your boat.

Stephanie said...

She's spot on. As far as the comment " What Tea Party has asked for the removal of the police and fire department?" Every last one of you has, see when you yell things like "Socialist!!!" like it's this horrible thing, you show an obtuse lack of understanding. Fire stations, police stations, libraries, these are all 'socialist' ideas. Were you aware of that? Given the current economic situation, OD IS being civil. So she swore, I find the f-bomb way less offensive than most of the racist, ignorant, and just plain awful beliefs that the "tea party" espouse. That's all. I don't want my country back, I want it forward.

Anonymous said...

If progs exercised their brains half as much as their mouths.. well, they wouldn’t be progs.

RJW - Progressive said...

@Mr Patch W. Adams said...
>>Anonymous,If she allows such pictures to be posted on her page then it demonstrates her acceptance of the pictures, disclaimer or not. She has the ability to delete the pictures she finds offensive.

Is that sort of like the same principle that Tea Partiers and conservatives fail to object to the racism and vitriol and hate at tea party events and on right wing radio and TV, they are accepting that hate and vitriol and become responsible for it?

Anonymous said...

Great points! Why do corporations and the Rich get a free ride? If you hate taxes so much, do you realize if the reichj paid their fair, or anything at all in most cases, we would not have this deficit? This deficit was created by unfunded wars under Bush, unprecedented tax cuts for the rich which we had to borrow from China to pay for, sweetheart deals with the Pharm companies for drugs and so on. WHERE ARE THE JOBS?? ALL WE HAVE SEEN IS BILLS ABOUT ABORTION & CHRISTIAN SCHOOL VOUCHERS...WHERE ARE THE JOBS?? HOW IS THAT LESS GOVERNMENT?? YOU ARE SAD LITTLE PAWNS OF THE KOCHS AND KARL ROVE...IF YOU DONT WANT SS OR MEDICARE, GIVE IT BACK.

RJW - Progressive said...

MHmm, a blogger who announces "he has had enough" on a page with prominent flames and a black background, criticizing someone else who has "had enough."

I'm sure glad you've told us "This site is not a White Supremists Blog."

Without that disclaimer, well, gosh, it sure looks like a white supremacy site....

>>For Trolls that are trying to make the Tea Parties look bad......Bugger Off...

How about people who are simple pointing out the many foibles of the "tea party" Are they trolls?

Am I a troll if I point out that the "tea party" is little more than astro-turfing by right wing millionaires billionaires, and, as such, it is already fading from the scene?

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

" What Tea Party has asked for the removal of the police and fire department?" Every last one of you has,

I find the f-bomb way less offensive than most of the racist, ignorant, and just plain awful beliefs that the "tea party" espouse."

First Nice Stereo typing and Thank You for showing your prejudice, it just nullified anything intelligent you may have tried to say.

Second please post the link to the website where every single Tea Party member wants to remove the Police and Fire Departments Can't? That's because there isn't one and again you demonstrate the dangers and ignorance of using generalities and stereotypes to demonize those you hate.

Third when talking about Socialism lets get a firm foundation for the debate. Here is the definition of Socialism:

noun /ˈsōSHəˌlizəm/ 

A political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole

Policy or practice based on this theory

(in Marxist theory) A transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism

So where does the Police and Fire Department fit in that definition?

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

RJW Progressive- Thanks for keeping my point that generalities and stereotypes are alive and well with those that carry illogical prejudice.

Funny how when I even post the fact I'm not a Racist that not only do I get attacked for saying so but I still get called a racist.

You guys don't know me from Adam, but yet some of you on the left feel confident in calling people names justified or not.

Nice, intelligent way to debate.

Are you a Troll? No at least you left a link to your blogger ID so you can be held responsible for any inappropriate comments.

Trolls are those who do "drive-by" comments under the tag of anonymous.

Keep the hate flowing guys you just prove my point.


Mr Patch W. Adams said...

RJW Progressive- As far as comparing me to the Progressive Blogger who has also had enough, please post a link to my video where I tell Progressives to leave the country, call them vulgar names and use stereotypes and prejudiced generalities to belittle them.

I'll hold my breath while you find that...

Maninblack said...

awesome video! ....she is definitely right on! Maybe she should run for public office! Her website is even better!...thanks!

Van said...

stuffaninny said "Every last one of you has, see when you yell things like "Socialist!!!" like it's this horrible thing, you show an obtuse lack of understanding. Fire stations, police stations, libraries, these are all 'socialist' ideas. Were you aware of that?"

Ben Franklin's gonna be really pissed about that.

Van said...

Patch, maybe it would be helpful, and a great example of reaching out to the philosophically handicapped, if you did a post on the differences between sociable, society and socialism?

Seems these proregressives took their ‘See & Say’ reading strategies of looking at the shape of a word and guessing what it is, just a bit too much to heart.

Poor dears.

Anonymous said...

Great video. Sarah is just saying what we are all thinking.

Carol said...

Like many progressives she makes the classic false claim that if you are against the current rate of government spending then you are against ANY and ALL government spending. She, like all her ilk, immediately plays the police, fire, teacher, etc. card as if these are the cuts that the Tea Party is calling for, which is untrue and there is not one shred of evidence to show that is what the Tea Party has been demanding. Those services are provided by local taxes anyway and are not part of the the debate about the national debt. Certainly, there are many cities and counties where there are similar debates going on about local spending, but these services are not, nor should they be funded by the Federal government.

The Tea Party is not in favor of NO government spending, we want sensible, necessary and dare I say, Constitutionally mandated spending.Billions of dollars in aid to countries like our frenemy, Pakistan, and ridiculous research studies like shrimp on treadmills come to mind as things that should be slated for elimination. But, by examining the numbers honestly, it is apparent that cutting all the waste, fraud and abuse of tax dollars will NOT solve our debt crisis. We will either voluntarily make the necessary cuts or our bank (ie China) will force them upon us by cutting off the credit card. Regardless of the decision on the Debt ceiling, our credit rating is likely to be reduced due to the shear amount of debt we carry, and our inability to reign in current and future spending.

Of course, the liberals will say the solution is taxing the rich and greedy corporations, but, even if they were all taxed 100% of what they earned, it is still not enough to solve the problems we are facing. The rich and corporations are truly the job creators, when has a poor person ever given you a job? Don't misunderstand me, I want everyone to pay their fair share and am in favor of Tax Code reform so that corporations, such as Obama's favorite GE (which paid $0 Federal Taxes last year and by the way just announced that they are moving an entire division to China) will pay their share. But there is a tipping point at which taxtion has the exact oppostite effect. As you continually raise taxes, more and more corporations and small businesses stop hiring and even layoff workers to cut expenses. This acutally reduces the number of taxpayers and seriously cuts the revenue collected by governments, federal, state and local, a situation we acutally find ourselves in right now. Why would we want to make this unemployment worse at the exact moment when we need new taxpayers to contibute revenue??

So, everyone needs to atart talking about the real problems, stop deflecting by scaring people that police and fire services will be cut and that SS checks will not be mailed. The actual cuts we have to make to survive are going to be very painful and for a nation used to being anesthesized by feel good government program spending, I am not sure the will is there to face the truth.

Anonymous said...

Haha! She is 100% spot-on. Love her video, she tells it like it is.

And Am I the the only one who sees the irony of a blogger who glosses himself as "pissed off" (and aiming a loaded, bayonet-clad rifle as a logo!)accusing someone else of being angry! That's rich! Oh, sorry, I meant so say that's "job creators".

But the best one has to be one where the blogger accuses Opinionated Democrat of being "raised in a conservative home but was successfully brainwashed in college". I don't know about you, but I am happy I raised my children in a home where anti-intellectualism was rejected and education was embraced. P/Oed unwillingly exposed the crux of America's problems: The notion that Americans are exceptional simply by being Americans and nothing else ("I don't need no stinking education, I am AN AMERICAN! USA! USA! USA!, I have a gun, I wave a flag! USA! USA!")

It is tragic that there are so many who think of higher education as "liberal" and that willful ignorance is a patriotic virtue. Sad indeed.

I am not afraid of saying this and I put my name on it:

Juan Rivera
Maui, Hawaii.

Van said...

Carol, well put. I'll only add that as bad as the taxes are, and they are bad, they are not as destructive as our regulatory system is - though even there, each regulation imposes its own sort of tax upon businesses and everyone else, in the form of the cost which it takes to comply with them.

Van said...

aJuanymous said "I am not afraid of saying this and I put my name on it"

And you shouldn't be afraid. Embarrassed, sure, but afraid? Nah.

Van said...

Hey aJuanymous, I'm curious, I think it'd be fascinating if you could give us a pro-intellectual principle that you embraced and fostered in your children... care to give it a go?

You know, one of those gems of leftist 'education'... like maybe what they learned is Good, True or Just.

And then let's see how well it holds up to a bit of scrutiny. You game?

Anonymous said...

Dear Van,

Suffice to say both my kids are adults now, each have multiple college degrees from a Big 10 university, both are financially successful. They were encouraged from early on to be the best they could and cultivate their curiosity in the name of wisdom. My kids were reading full length novels when your kids were still reading comic books, if they ever learned to read. I am proud of my children, they are outstanding citizens. Did I mention they are bilingual too?

I know, I know... you have a bumper sticker on your 1987 F-150 pick-up truck that reads "My kid can beat up your liberal kid". But I bet they can quote the Bible on command, well, at least the verses that allegedly say queers are bad. But who am I to judge? Let me humbly bow to your superior family. LOL!

Juan Rivera

Van said...

aJuanymous said "both my kids are adults now"


"each have multiple college degrees from a Big 10 university"

Oh... I'm sorry for their loss... financially and potentially intellectually.

"both are financially successful"

Well... I suppose that's some consolation.

"They were encouraged from early on to be the best they could and cultivate their curiosity in the name of wisdom"

Excellent! But... did that include confusing financial success with wisdom, as you apparently do? Hope not.

"My kids were reading full length novels when your kids were still reading comic books"

Ah. Well, depending on the novels, that could be good for your kids, but you put me in a quandary here aJuanymous. You see, for you to assume so much about me and my kids, which you have no way of knowing, doesn't say much for your own education - to say nothing of manners. Yet on the other hand, making assumptions, and never questioning the ones given you, forms the basis of most of what passes as leftist education... sooo did you not go to school yourself, or did you just pay too much attention while you were there? You see my problem here? I don't have any way of knowing, so I'll just leave that there for now.

So. So far all we've got is that you're proud of your kids, which is nice, and we know about your absence of education (though how much schooling you've had we don't know), but other than trying to insult me and my kids (which doesn’t' work too well if you know nothing about your target, all it really does is expose your own ignorance), you've completely failed to offer what I'd asked for.

But then again maybe you're the sort of person who needs to have things repeated to them often. Leftist, not a stretch... so, ok, I'll try again. What I asked was "if you could give us a pro-intellectual principle that you embraced and fostered in your children", do you think you could manage that?

Oops... wait... (scans back up)... 'reading' and 'curiosity' weren't supposed to be your answers, were they? Did you confuse simple good habits with intellectual principles? Are you aware of the difference? Maybe if you email the question to your kids they can help you out with that?

Go ahead. I'll wait.

Van said...

I'm flabbergasted, and not a little bit sad. I finally found seven minutes to waste and watched the video.

That was what you aninnymouses thought was so 'awesome!'? Those were examples of 'good points'?!

Which one of those good points could I not have had from the 9 yr old across the street (after I coached her on some foul language first)?

You have got to be kidding me.

Carol's 1st paragraph gives far more attention to this petulant self impressed poli-sci neophyte than any of her pathetic whining deserved.

If any of you 'think' otherwise, and can manage an actual argument (please look up the definition first) for even one of her 'points', I would love to see it. I would love to be able to cling to the hope that you do actually think.

Seeing as though you don't have the wisdom yourselves, I'm embarrassed for you all.