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Saturday, July 30, 2011

GM Teams Up With GE to Use Onstar To Track Your Electric Car Through The Smart Grid

President Obama has formulated a domestic policy that will transform the U.S. into a "Low Carbon Economy."

But what the President won't tell you is that in order to have this "Low Carbon Economy" the Government must control all sources of carbon emissions.

Who is one of the largest sources of Carbon Creation according to the Department of Energy's Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center?


" Anthropogenic CO2 comes from fossil fuel combustion, changes in land use (e.g., forest clearing), and cement manufacture. Houghton and Hackler have estimated land-use changes from 1850-2000, so it is convenient to use 1850 as our starting point for the following discussion. Atmospheric CO2 concentrations had not changed appreciably over the preceding 850 years (IPCC; The Scientific Basis) so it may be safely assumed that they would not have changed appreciably in the 150 years from 1850 to 2000 in the absence of human intervention."

So that means in order for Obama to get his "Low Carbon Economy" he must control....


That is why the Smart Grid that is being pushed by the Obama Administration will track everything from your Internet and TV use all the way down to the type of Trash you create and even your house hold Carbon creation. This type of "surveillance" will be possible because the appliances of the Future, spearheaded mainly by GE, will be 'Demand Response Appliances' (DRA).

These DRA's, through the 2-way communication system in the Smart Grid, will allow the utility company to know when you get up in the morning, when and how long you take a shower, even when you do your laundry. The utility company will even be able to turn your lights on and off in individual rooms or turn off your water heater.

But there is something else that the Smart Grid will track and control.

Your Electric Car.

According to articles on the DailyTech.com and Greenbiz.com GM is combining Onstar with GE's Demand Response Technology in order to connect the Chevy Volt to the Smart Grid:

"...add one more trick OnStar is helping GM to pull off: offering a short-cut to connect electric vehicles (EVs) to the smart grid. GM yesterday announced the launch of a pilot program that can let utilities and customers skip the need to install physical smart grid points to manage recharging of their EVs. The new OnStar service will act as a remote brain, wirelessly tracking and governing the EV's charging behavior, coordinating the timing and billing..."-Greenbiz.com

Who will be the guinea pigs for this project?.... Utility company employees:

"GE will lease Volts to hundreds of electric company employees, who are to drive them as their everyday vehicles. These Volts were bought as part of a 12,000-vehicle fleet order in 2010. During this lease period, GM's OnStar division will utilize GE technology to test communications between the electric vehicles and the grid, allowing utilities to monitor energy used by the vehicles and deliver data regarding where and when the cars plug in to power companies."-DailyTech.com

Seems innocent enough right?

It might be except for the fact that Onstar collects alot more information than the location where you plug in your electric car.

According to CTIA.com, Onstar collects information on everything from the speed of your car to if you use your seat belt:

"We may collect information about you and your Car in several different ways: from what you, your car dealer and car maker provide to us; from your use of the OnStar Services (see Section 34. YOUR INTERACTIONS WITH OnStar ADVISORS); from calls or emails between us; from OnStar web pages you visit; from our wireless Service Providers; from your satellite radio provider; from third party data providers; and from your Car itself when your OnStar Equipment is active.

The information we may get about you includes your contact and billing information (including your credit card number); vehicle purchase information, registration information and information that helps us customize our services.

The information we may get from your Car includes things such as: data about its operation; data about your use of the OnStar Services; the location of your Car; data about accidents involving your Car, including safety belt usage; and information about your use of the Car and its features. We may also approximate the speed of your Car based on GPS data to support a limited number of OnStar Services.."

So why should you be concerned about this?

Because Onstar/Demand Response Appliance technology will allow the Federal Government, combined with the Smart Grid, to limit your individual carbon creation, tax you by the mile and allow them to know almost your every move through out your day.

Think you can avoid this possible infringement on your right to privacy by never buying an Electric Vehicle?

Think again...

The Obama Administration announced today the new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards that will take effect in 2017. This new CAFE is an obvious Electric Car Mandate since it states that all new cars must get 54.6 MPG which is an unachievable standard without some kind of electric motor assistance.

So as you plug in your electric car ask yourself...

Were you wearing your seat belt , driving over the speed limit or creating too much carbon?

Because thanks to Onstar and Demand Response Technology, there is a very good chance that as soon as you put the plug into the Smart Grid power outlet...

The Government will know...


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Anonymous said...

Welcome to modern slavery, part 1.
Good thing they found a use for all those Chevy Volts sitting in warehouses and on dealer lots since they’re part of the fed’s indiscretionary budget.