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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where is ICE?: DREAM Act Supporters Storm RNC Offices

According to Breitbart TV Dream Act supporters stormed the Republican National Committee Offices in support of the DREAM Act.

Where is ICE when you need them?



Anonymous said...

Deportation, get your education in your own country. You are illegals, go home.

Anonymous said...

Poor brain-twisted idiots.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Is this not a peace disturbance?

Will Laing said...

"Education not deportation". And who do they think is going to pay for that education? And what happens if they get sick? And what if one of these women gets pregnant, who's going to pay for the doctors and hospital costs? And, no, I don't think that if they get a job that carries it's own insurance and they buy it, and they pay for their own education, would I be willing to give them amnesty then? NO. The reasonw why is that is what we expect for our own citizens, not criminals who are in my country illegally. Everyone has to understand that America is just like Mexico in the way that we have laws concerning immigrants, and this is not a open country where if you want a better life you have the right to just walk in here and take what you want. It's that liberals are telling the American people that it should be so let's act like it is already. Well, it's not a open country, and with every drop of blood in my body I will protect what my country provides for it's own citizens. And if these people want in then they must obey our laws. I would like to read Mexico's immigration laws and ask them what country do those laws come from. I wonder how many of them know that their own country has stiffer punishment for violating their countries laws than America does. Is that the reason why they are all here? NO. It's because our government won't enforce the immigration laws we've got. And where are the cops? Don't we still have these laws on the books? None have been repealed yet have they? I haven't heard that any have been. So why aren't the cops doing their duty. I have personally talked to my State Police, the Sheriffs Dept., and my local city police and both Homeland Security Dept., and ICE and all I got was finger pointing from all of them, that they all are supposed to be still doing their job but no one is willing to be the first ones who show up at one of these things and start making arrests. It's because of the hell they would get from every "rights" organization there is, law suets, harrassment, and no telling what, maybe even some cops would have to be fired for violating some of these criminals so-called "rights". They have no rights but the American people think they do because the liberal press keeps telling them they do. That's what needs to be changed and get back to letting the cops do their job like in Miss. and maybe we wouldn't have these kinds of demonstrations anymore.