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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Van Jones Wants to Protect the Tea Party From Itself

According to You Tube:

"Former Obama Advisor Van Jones: "We don't want our sisters and brothers in the Tea Party to suffer the catastrophe that would come as a result of their victory...We're fighting for them, too." Jones, author of "Green Collar Economy" and former green jobs coordinator for the Obama administration, was speaking June 1, 2011 to a packed house at Town Hall Seattle celebrating YES! Magazine's 15th anniversary."



Anonymous said...

Mr. Jones doesn’t seem to understand the basic tenets of liberty. Neither do some Tea Partiers. Clearly he hasn’t been inspired by the brilliance of Bastiat, Locke, Spencer, Adam Smith, Acton, Hazlitt, Hayak, Mencken, Rothbard and others. He confuses liberty with security. Government facilitates the unfortunate trade-off between liberty and security.

CWG said...

Seems to me that Jones is trying to convince us that we in the Tea Party are "potential victims", similar to the way that many Liberals see themselves. Most Tea Partiers that I've been around view themselves as strong, capable people who do not feel the need to trade off more of their liberty for some additional "security" from the government (and make no mistake--when the government promises "security", they rarely deliver!)