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Monday, June 20, 2011

Utility and Gov Will Know When You Get Up, If you Have a Dog, How Many People Are In the House and What They Do Through The Smart Grid

Even after I discovered that the Obama administration approves of the Smart Grid tracking your Internet and TV use, there are those who still refuse to understand the dangers that such invasive technology pose when it is forced upon every house in the country. So for those that don't want to believe what the Smart Grid may be used for, here is proof straight from the "Horses Mouth", so to speak, of it's capabilities.

According to an Article from last year on Reuters (Yes a Year Old, No One Paid Any attention to the Smart Grid then), a representative from the Global Mega Giant, Siemens, explains the Utility can use the information collected through the Smart Grid to determine how many people are in your house, where they are, when you get up in the morning and even if you have a dog:

"Smart grid" technologies potentially allow utilities greater control over household energy use, helping smooth demand surges and curbing overall use.

Technologies center around home meters which display live energy use to consumers and allow two-way wireless communication with utilities, so these can forecast demand, charge more at peak times and even switch off individual appliances remotely....

But the data-gathering power of meters has prompted comparisons with "spies" in people's homes.

"We, Siemens, have the technology to record it (energy consumption) every minute, second, microsecond, more or less live," said Martin Pollock of Siemens Energy, an arm of the German engineering giant, which provides metering services.

"From that we can infer how many people are in the house, what they do, whether they're upstairs, downstairs, do you have a dog, when do you habitually get up, when did you get up this morning, when do you have a shower: masses of private data."

Still not worried?

Well take into account that Department of Energy's , Energy Secretary Steven Chu, said this past week that 5 Million Smart Meters have been installed across the nation with assistance from a part of 4.5 Billion Dollars. That 4.5 Billion was allocated from the "Stimulus" in order to push the advancement of the Smart Grid and to help create thousands of "Green Jobs". (That worked well didn't it?)

Think of it this way...

Take the Department of Homeland Security Report calling people in the Tea Party "Radical Right Wing Extremists" , or the Missouri Report Suggesting that Anyone with a Don't Tread On Me flag is a Militia Member, with the Patriot Act that allows the Government to basically investigate and hold indefinitely any U.S. citizen the Government deems as a threat to the security of the nation and combined those with all of the private information that will be collected through the Smart Grid and how that information can be used to determine your habits, number of people in your home, when your home, etc... and that all adds up to one thing..



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