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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Smart Grid Resistance Grows: Woman Arrested For Trying to Stop Smart Meter Installation

Faced with the fact that the Smart Grid will track every aspect of your life including your TV and Internet Usage, combined with the knowledge that the Obama Administration supports Smart Grid deployment to the fullest, it shouldn't be a surprise to you then that a Resistance movement to the Smart Grid has taken shape.

According to StopSmartMeters.org, a woman is so against the deployment of the Smart Grid that she was arrested for trying to stop Smart Meter installation in her neighborhood:

"Amy O’Hair- a Glen Park resident who has been documenting the strength of the powerful microwave pulses from ‘smart’ meters in San Francisco- was arrested this morning (Saturday 18-June-2011) for civil disobedience while trying to prevent installation of smart meters in her neighborhood.

This morning, Ms. O’Hair sat on the hood of an installation truck and refused to move. The police were called and arrested her. She has been taken downtown and booked into County jail where she remains as of 2:30pm. We expect that she will be released later this afternoon around 4 or 5pm."

Here is a Video of the incident:


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