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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Progressive Wants Cars to Be Banned in U.S. Cities Like in Europe

Here is the link to the story he is referring to.

This is the same mindset of the Obama Administration and the "Green" Leftists.

Can you say... Nuts?



Anonymous said...

Hey Libtards, go live in Europe, leave the USA, and leave us alone, leave are cars alone are guns,AC,lightbulbs,toilets,pets, and our diets alone. See, we dont need you to live, your fake science, tax grabs, your hand outs, keep them, we can do in ourselves,and have been for 235 years, go away! you hate the USA anyway so get the hell out!

Will Laing said...

Is there a copyright on the bumper sticker from back in the 60's that said "America, Love It or Leave It!" I was just wondering. And I want to see liberals on their little bicycles in Minn. during one of those 50 degrees below zero, peddling down the street in three feet of snow! What is wrong with these people's thinking anyway?
I remember many years ago when I was a kid in school and we were watching a history film. In it was a shot of city streets in China where 99% of all the people were on bicycles, and just a handful of cars here and there. And by the way, there was just one or two people in those cars to, not all this "car pooling" like liberals promote whenever they get on their global warming kick. All they want is to control people's lives just like they are doing right now with this Marxist in the White House telling us that the reason why gas is $3.65 a gallon is because of China and India increasing the demand? On whose oil is this demand being made that it would have any affect on the oil coming from the US? No, it's because he won't allow oil companies to have the license to drill where they need to, and oil rigs to pump more oil, and oil companies to drill to find oil. Oh yeah, I forgot, it's because of the Gulf of Mexico being at risk of pollution from BP like spills. And Obama said he wants to be guaranteed that nothing like that will ever happen again before he allows permits to be given out. Of course that's impossible, but it's not impossible for Democrats to pass bills so fast that they claimed they didn't have time to even read them? But, they can't pass one bill that would allow more drilling so that our gasoline would go down so that jobs could be created and people wouldn't be having to walk or ride a bicycle to work. Because if we do end up riding bicycle's it sure won't be because we're concerned about air pollution? No, it will be because gas will be unaffordable for most of us. Do you want to see that?