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Friday, June 17, 2011

Howard Dean Slams Tea Party As Dangerous, Religious Bigots

According to You Tube:

Howard Dean: "The Future Does Not Belong to White Christians Over 55: Howard Dean Slams Tea Party & GOP As Dangerous Desperate Religious Bigoted Haters."

Hat Tip The Blaze



Anonymous said...

I am starting a class action to sue this man for slander

Mongrol said...

America was founded on tea party principles. America should not have to be ruled by progressive (democrat socialist) principles, you can not force some to take care of others. If you choose not to participate in life, you can sit on the couch and starve yourself to death, but not demand tax-payers take care of you.

Anonymous said...

Dean appeals to animal instincts and the crowd goes wild…Rawwwr.

To analyze his words; he says he wants to unite the country but excludes Tea Partiers, Christians, whites and people over 55. Has the guy checked the mirror lately? That’s a pretty small country he’s dreaming about and he ain’t in it.

Anonymous said...

Howard Dean is just another progressive wacko, lunatic. Just look at some of the people on the left...Weiner,Dean, Jackson Lee...men twittering their genitals, Guam is going to tilt over and sink, talking on their blackberry at townhall meeting while constituents are talking to them, Ellison crying at a hearing over a muslim killed in 9/11. Holy Crow, these are some bunch of arrogent SOB's who aren't qualified to represent farm animals. Who the hell are voting these people into office..or is this just the result of gerry mandering?