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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Google's Smart Grid Program Fails; Gives Up on Concept

If you are a regular reader of The P/Oed Patriot you have read all about the Obama Administration's approved plan to monitor your Internet and TV usage through the Smart Grid.

But not everyone is having success with seeing their Smart Grid plans become reality , including Google.

According to an article on zdnet.com, Google's plan to give you access to your energy usage information, and healthcare information, online didn't catch on like they thought it would:

"Google is to shut down its PowerMeter and Google Health services because it has been unable to turn them into mass-market propositions, the company said on Friday.

PowerMeter, which lets people monitor their energy contrast usage online, was available to users in the UK and the US. Google Health — an opt-in personal health record aggregator — was by contrast only available in the US, and only in early beta form. Both projects involved multiple partners in the burgeoning smart grid and healthcare industries, respectively.

In a blog post by Google Health senior product manager Aaron Brown and Bill Weihl, Google's 'green energy czar', the company said PowerMeter and Google Health "didn't catch on the way we would have wanted". However, they promised to help users of the services extract their data before shutdown.

"Both [services] were based on the idea that with more and better information, people can make smarter choices, whether in regard to managing personal health and wellness, or saving money and conserving energy at home," Brown and Weihl wrote. "While they didn't scale as we had hoped, we believe they did highlight the importance of access to information in areas where it's traditionally been difficult."

Coincidentally President Obama believes in the same false premise. That if you know more information about your energy usage through the Smart Grid, then you will change your behavior.

But to be honest with the capabilities of the Obama Approved Smart Grid Plan...

The Government could just change your behavior for you.


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Anonymous said...

100 points for Google...once again, amajor company sees th eproblems with implementing federal creep.