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Friday, June 24, 2011

GE to Team Up With Best Buy to Push Smart Grid Appliances

In the past several months I have exposed the Obama Approved plan to use the Smart Grid to track everything from your Internet use to your Ice Cube production.

But how will that be possible you ask?

Demand Response Appliances (DRA) will have a wireless capability that will allow them to communicate with the utility company via the Smart Meter attached to your home. The DRA will tell them when it's running, what it's doing, how long it's doing it and it will allow you, and the utility company, to control it remotely. DRAs will encompass everything from your light switch, to your computer, your pool pump and even your electric car.

Who will Push these Demand Response Appliances?

Best Buy and GE of course.

According to an article on Green Biz.com, GE has team up with Best buy to push "Smart Grid" Appliances (Also known as DRAs):

"A device that can lower energy bills by reducing the voltage of electricity streaming into a house and a gadget to control AC based on room temperature and occupancy are slated for a fast track to store shelves under a new partnership between General Electric and Best Buy......

...but a GE said its Nucleus Energy Manager, a plug-in device introduced last July for use in homes, is now expected to reach store shelves early next year and will be available at Best Buy.

GE, which has rolled out a smart-grid ready water-heater, dishwasher and refrigerator, anticipates a growing market for home energy management products -- so much so that it created a new business unit for them last fall."

Without DRA's the Smart Grid would be as threatening to your privacy as a Girl Scout selling cookies. But with DRAs the Smart Grid becomes the ultimate Tool of Tyranny.

History has proven that every Tyrant needs henchmen that helps to suppress the people's rights (right to privacy in this case).

It looks like GE and Best Buy have stepped up to the plate to be those main "thugs" in helping the Administration push your privacy right out of your home....

One "Smart" Appliance at a time...


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Sam said...

I think that's a nice move. Teaming up with Best Buy can really help boost the sales of the smart grid appliances.

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