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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Elderly Tea Partier Laughed At By Republican Rep and Progressives for Wanting to Get Rid of the Department of Education

Earlier in June, during a town hall meeting with Colorado Republican Representative Cory Gardner, an Elderly Female Tea Partier stood up to suggest, among several things, the elimination of the Department of Education. Her statement was met by applause from her fellow Tea Partiers but was quickly followed by laughter(and later Ridicule)from the Progressives in attendance.

It even appears at one point after the applause that Congressman Gardner joins in with the Progressives to laugh at the elderly woman, then quickly goes on to state that "I don't think..eh ah.. Isn't what I'm focusing on" he says he is focusing on "Jobs and the Economy".

Well Representative Gardner maybe you should focus on your Job and stop laughing at elderly women at town halls who seem to know bloated Government when they see it....



PioneerPreppy said...


We spend more on education than we do on defense. A fact neither the progressives nor the RINO's ever seem to point out. It needs to go and go now.

Will Laing said...

She needed to have asked this Rep. whether he believed that the Dept. of Ed. had been set up to eventually take over the schools so that they could turn the schools into propaganda machines that turn out "good little commies". And ask him if his "focus" also included the fact that the reason why we don't have jobs is because the Dept. of ED does not prepare our kids to go to work anymore, but rather that the government will take care of them if they don't find work. That we didn't need a Dept. of Ed back in my day when I was in school (50's and 60's) when most every school in America was a "college prepartory" school where kids would be going after high school to get the training, knowledge, and skills they would need when they entered a job market that was over flowing with jobs of every discription. That's why we didn't need a Dept. of Ed because the public schools at that time were doing the job they were supposed to be doing and that was giving kids the education they needed to be able to function in the lives they had chosen for themselves, not have the Dept. of Ed as it is today have the end result of looking to government for all their needs. And also, schools don't continue the education that kids were getting from home, the promotion of God, home, country, Americanism, military duty, and love of our forefathers, and how lucky and blessed we are to be American's, and how much better all the other countries would be if they were more like us. So what the hell was he talking about?

senior day care centers said...

There is an allocated budget for defense, education and health so why are we measuring the used budget costs on each of them?