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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dana Loesch on CNN Talking About The Debt Celing

According to CNN.com:

"Anderson Cooper speaks to Paul Begala, Dana Loesch, and David Gergen about negotiations over the debt ceiling."



A Resident of the US SR said...

The only way to beat Dana Loesch in a debate is to say "sorry, but we must end the conversation there, because time has run out." In almost every debate of this type, the liberals get the last word in. Just watch too, if a conservative has the priviledge of having the final word, then the liberal just has to jump in with the final comment, even after "time runs out".

Conservatives, take a lesson. Dana should have just jumped in there at the end an shoved Begala's words down his throat, and bitch slap Cooper if he opened his whinny ass mouth about "time"

Mongrol said...

If the Republicans do not agree to raise taxes and America defaulted on loans. Then the government would be forced to reduce spending. This might be the best way to go.

debt collection services said...

Well, it looks like taxes will be raised all while the government tries to reduce spending. Both sides got a bit of what they want, but now we'll see whether either had the right idea.