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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Communist Paradise? American Medical Student in Cuba Shares Room with 11 Others, Eats Beans and Rice, Studies by Candle, No Running Water for Days

Progressives, Socialists and Communists love to tout the "Paradise" that will be created if we all just conform our lives to the Marxist concepts of Big Government and Small Individual Freedoms. A Right to Health Care, a Home, a Job and Pure "Democracy" are the "perks" that are constantly thrown in our face as some of the examples they say will make all of our lives "Equal", "Just" and a Venerable Utopia.

Well if your idea of "paradise" is sharing a room with 11 people you aren't related to, eating nothing but beans and rice, having to read by candle light and going days at at a time without running water all the while getting a "free" education then the Progressives are right.

According to an article in the Communist Party USA News, People's World, an American Medical Student, Chasiti I. Falls, describes the Communist Paradise she lives in during her stay in Cuba as she takes advantage of Castro's "Free" Medical School:

"At this stage of my educational career, I am living in a dorm on hospital grounds in Central Havana where I share a room with 11 Latin American students. I rotate through several hospitals depending on their specialty. We eat beans and rice, and complete patient evolutions daily. At times I study by candlelight and go days without running water."

Wow... where do I sign up?

According to an article written in 2007 featuring Miss Falls, these conditions reflect the lives of Cuban Citizens:

"Living as a student in a dorm room with 17 roommates, we are served rice and beans in the cafeteria every day. The U.S. embargo does not exempt me from experiencing life the same as a Cuban citizen…"

Universal Health Care, Free Room and Board, Free Food AND a Free Education...

Why does it always sound like a good idea but in reality... it sucks?

Don't think so?

Just ask Miss Falls, or one of her 11 roommates, while they digest their bean feast and sit around the candle studying at night taking turns fetching water from the well.

With a Communist Paradise like this...

Who Needs..... Hell....?



Anonymous said...

Ah Communism:((, an attempt by very stupied, and power hungry people to create heaven on earth, the kicker: this is earth, we are human, and this will never be heaven, there isnt enough drugs, alcohol,paint or air freshner. sorry. the next best thing to heaven is a republic, and it still pales in comparison to heaven, but way better than Communism.

Will Laing said...

Oh, but wait! Hillary Clinton thinks that life in America could be transformed into both a Communist and Capitalistic country at the same time. The Capitalist make the money just like we all do now, so think about American's working away being properous, okay? Now, the other half of her utopia. That Communist half of our society would be where the government takes all they want from your work to pay for all the programs that could possibly be created. Also the Communist government would be able to tell you every kind of control over your life they could possibly think of, and regulate everything. We keep making money like we're still a Capitalist society, and the government takes all they want. How long do you think Hillary's idea would last, 6 mos., a year, 5 years? How long until the whole of society woke up one day and declared the experiment a failure. This was once tried about 250 years ago when Jamestown had a Socialist form of governance. It lasted one year when everyone nearly starved to death because no one was planting crops if they weren't going to get anymore than anyone else got out of their hard work. That's why Communism fails, and Capitalism works. But, my question is why hasn't Cuba failed by now. It's because Fidel keeps finding some other country to pay for everything because there isn't any work done for profit in Cuba. The government down there forbids anyone to keep a penny from their labor, it all goes to the government. But, boy, the leaders sure do eat well.

Chasiti I. Falls said...

It is saddening to experience first-hand that people can think the way you all think. It is also a clear tactic to twist the words of another to lead the blind to slaughter. I appreciate my socialist experience and education, for it undoubtedly has taught me how to disregard the pains of the world like you. VIVA FIDEL, VIVA RAUL, VIVA CUBA VIVA!!!!!!!!!!