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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chinese Communist Party: We Will Rule China Indefinately

According to an Article on Reuters, the Communist Party in China isn't going to give up power any time soon:

"Li Zhongjie, a deputy head of the Party's History Research Center, made it clear that China will use the impending 90th anniversary of the Party's founding as a time for rousing pride, rather than reflection on a history that has spanned war, revolution, mass famine and deadly purges.

Under the Party's rule, China had made leapfrog developments, Li told a news conference, and he said it was foolish to expect any party to want to give up power.

"Over the last 90 years, especially the last 30 years of reform and opening up, we have made major achievements. This is something the world basically recognizes," Li said, ahead of the Party's anniversary of its 1921 founding on July 1.

"I could ask, 'Mr. Obama, does your Democratic Party still want to contest the election'? Do you still want to stay in power? They would think that a weird question. Of course our Party hopes to remain in power.

"...Objectively, the issue is rather: how is your rule, and how effective is it? Is it welcomed by the people? Are you running the country well, or into the ground? The Communist Party has built China to what it is today. Many countries in the world are extremely envious. So why can't we carry on? It's a very simple question."

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