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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Black Panther Co-Founder @ Socialist Party Event Calls For "Community Control" & "Solidarity"

Now it becomes apparent why the New Black Panther Party supported local control of the St. Louis Police Department, because the Black Panther Party supports "Community Control".

According to an Article in the Communist Party USA news, People's World, during a Southern California Socialist Party Event, Co Founder of the Black Panther Party calls for "Community Control" over Police Etc..:

"On a warm and otherwise typical Saturday evening, Black Panther Party co-founder Bobby Seale spoke to an eager crowd of nearly 100 listeners representing an array of political organizations in the region.

The event, which took place at the Los Angeles Workers' Center, was organized by the Southern California Chapter of the Socialist Party.

Solidarity and unity were recurring key elements in Seale's speech. At the podium, the 74-year-old reflected on his days with the Black Panthers. He spoke about their successful community breakfast program for children, not just as an example from the party's long list of community accomplishments, but as a model of coalition work.

"Ninety percent of African Americans supported what the Black Panthers were doing," Seale said.

Additionally, Seale went on to say that the Black Panthers enjoyed a diverse support, with many of its followers "young white left radicals.".....

....During a two-hour speech, Seale spoke mainly on the need for community control, such as over the police department, and coalition politics.

"I'm not a socialist; I'm a community control economist," Seale said. "I believe in community control. Now, talk about the 'greed control' of average crooked monopoly capitalists. Your definitiveness, your antithesis to them is greater community control."

Yes that makes a nice combination...

Socialists and Black Panthers working Together for "Community Control".

What could possibly go wrong with that?



Anonymous said...

My God. This was revealed long before the takeover, but was never pushed.
It is a surorise now?
All said and done, let's roll!

Will Laing said...

I would like to see what Seale's idea of control is compared to what freedom means. Is it that the Black race needs more control, or is it that everyone else needs control. Since he's talking about controling the police then he must be talking about controling everyone else. Didn't the liberals do all that back in the 60's and 70's where they controled all the rest of us who had to work our butts off to pay the Welfare and Food Stamps that was given Blacks to take care of them? I thought we were already under control? How much more control is Seale talking about handing out? When I saw "welfare" on the line of my taxes that are taken out of my paycheck, I was convinced that we were just about as controled as we could get. And didn't liberals tell the Blacks that they didn't have to conform to what all the rest of America was doing to make something out of themselves and to be able to pay their own way? And the Black Panthers came out of this lack of control, the way I see it. And now Seale is saying the cops need to be controled? What does that mean, that when Blacks start burning your town down, the cops should be under control so as not to bother the Blacks as they express themselves like they want?