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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Almost Plagarism/From God to Global Warming: NBC Copies Noah's Ark News Story; Ignores God and Adds Global Warming Propaganda

Yesterday NBC news ran a story about a replica of Noah's Ark in the Netherlands constructed by a contractor named Johan Huibers. Here is the NBC story:

Sounds all nice and professional doesn't it?

Well too bad that not only did the NBC story fail to mention the other reason for the construction of the Ark, but the NBC reporter also came very close (like so close she did) to Plagiarizing parts of her story from this one in 2007:

In case you didn't notice the almost Plagiarism let me point it out to you.

At the 2:00 minute mark in the NBC video the reporter says this:

"Of course there are some things you may not want two of."

This is a screen shot of that exact moment in the video:

Ironically in the video from 2007 at the 2:07 mark the reporter says this:

"Of Course there are some things you just wouldn't want two of."

This is a screen shot of that exact moment in the 2007 video:

Notice how the NBC reporter almost committed outright Plagarism but instead decided to change the wording and report just slightly.

That kind of tactic I would expect from a High school student writing a report, not a NBC reporter doing an international news story.

But that isn't the only thing that raised my eyebrow while watching these videos.

The NBC story leaves out completely the other reason that Mr. Huibers built the Ark. In case you missed it, this is what Mr. Huibers said in 2007 when he was asked why he built the Ark:

"To tell the People About God."

Hmmm.. the NBC reporter failed to mention that little fact.

Instead the NBC reporter decided to add information about a different religion and it's god....

Global Warming and Al Gore.

So it would seem that not only is NBC not original enough to come up with their own gags...

They would rather push the religion of Global Warming than the religion of Christianity.

Now I can't take credit for this discovery. I owe this article to my Facebook friend Julie Addington. She is the one who found the video from 2007 and brought it to my attention about the possible plagiarism.

Thanks Julie!


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