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Monday, June 27, 2011

AFL-CIO Labor Council VP and AFL-CIO Business Rep to Receive Communist Party USA Award

I'm beginning to think that the acronym AFL-CIO really stands for Communist Party USA (CPUSA). In the past several years there have been almost a half-dozen Presidents and Vice Presidents of AFL-CIO locals as well as other AFL-CIO employees who have accepted a CPUSA Award.

Well it's time to add two more to that list of recipients.

According to the "Solidarity" calendar on the St. Louis Jobs with Justice website, the 1st Vice President of the AFL-CIO St. Louis Labor Council and the Business Manager of the AFL-CIO St. Louis Newspaper Guild, are going to be awarded the CPUSA Hershel Walker award:

"The MO/KS Friends of the People's World (CPUSA) presents the 19th Annual Hershel Walker 'Peace & Justice' Awards Breakfast. The keynote speaker is Sally Kohn, Chief Education Officer of Movement Vision Lab, a grassroots popular education organization. Tickets for the breakfast are $25.

Awardees include St. Louis JwJ Leadership Team Labor Co-Chair Shannon Duffy, Business Manager, St. Louis Newspaper Guild; John Ebeling, 1st Vice-President, St. Louis Central Labor Council, CWA 6300; and St. Louis Workers' Rights Board Member Bernie Hayes, author of "The Death of Black Radio" and WGNU radio host.

The breakfast will be held at CWA Local 6300, 2258 Grissom Dr., 63146. For more information visit the People's World website or contact Tony Pecinovsky at 314-583-xxxx or at tonypec@cpusa.org."

Shannon Duffy is now the second known AFL-CIO Employee of the St. Louis Newspaper Guild to take part in a Hershel Walker Communist Award ceremony. During the 18th Annual Hershel Walker Awards then President of the AFL-CIO St. Louis Newspaper Guild, Bernie Lunzer, was the keynote Speaker at the event.

And John Ebeling is not only the 1st Vice President of the St. Louis Labor Council he is also the Vice President of the Print and Media Sector of the local CWA 6300 (AFL-CIO) in St. Louis.

Coincidentally the CWA 6300 union hall was the location of the 18th Annual CPUSA Hershel Walker Awards and is also slated to be the location for the 19th as well. (You Think John Ebeling had something to do with that?)

Oh and in case you didn't notice, take a look at the contact person for the event. It's St. Louis's own CPUSA recruiter and CPUSA News reporter, Tony Peckinovsky. Notice he even uses his CPUSA email address.

The AFl-CIO and the CPUSA seem to have ties as close as kissing cousins here in the St. Louis area and it makes you wonder.....

Does anyone in the AFL-CIO have a "Made in America" bumper sticker on their truck anymore or have they given up any pretense of Pro-Americanism and just wear a Che Guevara shirt now?

Because if a single member of the AFL-CIO disagrees with the close ties to the Communist Party their outrage is so loud.....

.....you can hear a pin drop.


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