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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vermont on the Smart Grid: "We Want to Avoid That Resistance Here"

Last week I exposed the detailed information that will be collected about you through the Smart Grid. While resistance to the Smart Grid has been seen in California and Maine, according to Cleanenergyauthority.com, Vermont doesn't want 'resistance" to happen there:

"Elizabeth Miller, commissioner of Vermont’s Department of Public Service, said the big challenge now will be gaining consumer acceptance for the new smart meters that the state’s utilities will be rolling out shortly.

“There are some lessons learned elsewhere” she said. “In California and Maine there has been some resistance. We want to avoid that resistance here.

She said the key will be in offering utility customers options and choices and educating them on the virtues of the smart meter."

You have to love the same old political playbook, the people will want it once we "educate" them.
Didn't someone say that about the Health Care Bill?

Naturally Senator Bernie Sanders says that the Smart Grid is important to those that "want to move forward aggressively on sustainable energy"

Isn't "Aggressively" another way to say "Shove it Down the Tax Payers Throats"?:

The future of clean energy solutions like solar power generation depends on the infrastructure we build today, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said at the Vermont Smart grid conference this week.

"As is widely known,” Sanders said in a speech at the conference, “one of the great energy challenges facing our nation today is modernizing an aging, inefficient and inadequate electric transmission system. This is a major issue not only because we want to make certain that we prevent future regional or national blackouts but, for those of us who want to move forward aggressively on sustainable energy, we need to be able to move and manage whole new sources of electric supply.”

The first step toward doing that is implementing a smart grid, he said. Vermont won $69 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy for its smart grid plan, which the state’s private and public utilities combined forces to match for a total of $138 million in funding."

Those unfortunate enough to live in Vermont will be subject to a plan laid out that will have the entire state equipped and your home Assimilated with Smart Meters by 2013.

Is Resistance Futile?

The Politicians in Vermont Hope So...



lvanderiet said...

If these buzzards brings this to Missouri and TRY to come on my property to put this Nazi meter on my house, they'll have a big surprise, ME, throwing them and their Nazi meter off my property. Bring it on, I'll be sure to be there to welcome the government minions with MY form of anti-government that shoots buck shot.

Michael Frady Photography said...

The govt. gave Houston's Reliant Energy $20 million to roll these out. We got ours without even knowing they did until we starting noticing strange things like constant ringing in my ears, lights turning off for no reason and sometimes lights not turning on at all only to be working the next day. There's a lot of research out there on the dangers of these things. I equate it to the govt. forcing us to strap a huge cell phone to our heads and them forcing us to pay for over the next twelve years.

Anonymous said...

Vermont loves Big Brother. Fortunately, New Hampshire is just across the border. Live Free or Die!