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Thursday, May 26, 2011

UMKC Labor Studies Professor Likes to Be Known as a "Professional Troublemaker"

Judy Ancel, Professor of Labor Studies at the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC), that is not only funded by taxpayer's but by unions as well, allowed an organizer from the Communist Party USA to recruit in her class. Judy was also caught on tape showing her students how to shut down non-union businesses while at the same time standing by and watching as her Co-Professor preached violent unions tactics and industrial sabotage.

After knowing all of that it shouldn't surprise you, according to an article on The Pitch, that Judy Ancel loves to be called a Professional Troublemaker:

"Outspoken Judy Ancel prefers to be called a professional troublemaker. She relishes confronting the status quo in all of her public roles. "There aren't very many role models for young people anymore, of people who visibly fought the system and won," Ancel says. The Chicago native is the director of labor studies for both the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Longview Community College, and the co-founder and coordinator for KKFI 90.1's Heartland Labor Forum radio program. She's been raising hell since high school, when she joined a civil rights demonstration led by her rabbi. "At first, I felt embarrassed holding a picket sign and walking down the street," she says. "But I guess I got used to it." Ancel has held plenty of picket signs since then, boldly taking on retail giants from Hallmark to Wal-Mart."

So it would seem that the University of Missouri would rather defend a Communist supporting, Anti-American, Self-Described Troublemaker... instead of replacing her with someone who may actually Teach Labor Studies and Support the Country of the State that helps pay her salary.

But then again... that might make too much sense...



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