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Friday, May 27, 2011

Smart Grid and Electric Cars: Inevitable Future Because of Climate Change

Here is a video that was made by a company called Siemens.

The video below demonstrates how they think the Smart Grid and electric cars will interact in their concept of the Future and how eletric cars are inevitable because "The world is changing". (Look in the bottom right hand corner at the :42 second mark at the reasons they list for why the electric car will be what we all drive in the future.) Notice how the electric car will be constantly communicating with the Smart Grid letting the utility company know exactly where you are and when.

Personally this type of future is a Great Example of Big Brother in the Extreme and one I don't want.


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Robert said...

I do like the idea of the omni-directional grid where you can produce/store your own power to sell to others and vice-versa, and I think using the charging electric cars as batteries to store power for the grid would be an innovation, but I also must agree that the level of 'integration' they propose seems Orwellian at best...