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Monday, May 23, 2011

Scott Brown Betrayal?: Bill to Make It "Easier" For You to Allow Utilities to Collect Your Private Info Through The Smart Grid

I broke the story several weeks ago about all of the detailed information that will be collected on you through the Smart Grid which is described in Priority Action Plan 10 (PAP-10) created by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) and the EPA. From recording your Internet usage to how many ice cubes you make, the Smart Grid is to become one of the most intrusive technological "advancements" in the history of the United States.

After the story broke, one of the most common questions I received was: "How will the utility company be allowed to collect such detailed information on my personal energy use?"

Well according to Reliant, a company that is a member of NAESB, You, the consumer, must give the utility permission to collect such information.

The Comment is on line 87 of the Comments sheet that was created during the drafting of PAP-10:

Smart Grid Comments

In order for you to give permission, normally it would require your signature on a contract that will allow the utility company to collect the very detailed information about your energy use.

But thanks to (Tea Party Elected) Republican Scott Brown, Democrat Mark Udall and a Bill called "E Know S1029", it may be easier for the utility company to collect that information. According to the Pr Newswire they are even trying to sell this bill as something that will help you:

"The Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition (DRSG) welcomes the introduction of new legislation in the US Senate that would empower electricity consumers to better manage their energy use and reduce their energy bills. Sponsored by Senator (D-CO) and co-sponsored by Scott Brown (R-MA), the Electric Consumer Right to Know Act (S 1029)—or "e-KNOW"—would establish the right for electric consumers to more easily access their electric usage information—including in real time—and to benefit directly from the new information generated by the smart grid.

"This is a very exciting bill and we applaud Senators Udall and Brown for introducing it," said , President of the DRSG. "Research shows that consumers who get better information about their electricity usage become more energy efficient overall—to the tune of 5 – 15% more efficient. With e-Know in place, consumers will not be in the dark about how much they are spending or saving. Whether the goal is cutting carbon emissions or shrinking energy bills, consumers will have the power of information that they are used to getting in all other aspects of their lives and business activities."

"Many consumers want to use energy more efficiently but can't," continued Delurey, "because they don't know how much they are actually using. When the bill arrives at the end of the month it's too late to turn off lights or ease-up the air conditioning at the beginning of the month."

What is terribly ironic about this bill is that it is totally unnecessary. If all the Smart Grid did was tell the consumer detailed information about their energy usage they wouldn't need this bill or any other bill in order to receive it because the information would be displayed on a screen in your own home.

So if you don't need this bill to know your own energy usage why are they trying to pass it?

The first sentence of the next paragraph in the article hints at the real reason for this bill:

"The e-Know bill also would give consumers the right to authorize access to their usage data by companies that facilitate home energy efficiency. Furthermore, it would allow consumers to access information directly from home energy management systems and other energy-management products that are independent of the utility's electric meter. Finally, the legislation would ensure that the right to consumer-data access is technology neutral, allowing consumers to choose how they get and use their consumption information."

As I stated before, the utility company needs your permission to gain access to your private energy usage information, but it might be difficult for them to get your signature on a contract that allows them to know every aspect of your energy usage life. So the always "helpful" politicians created this bill to help make it easier for you to "grant" that permission.

Notice how the political establishment is trying to sell you on the idea that this bill will give you a "Right" to share your personal information. I was under the impression that we already have that Right if we choose to exercise it.

Isn't Scott Brown just wonderful in his efforts to give us a "Right" which we already have?

That is what I call "Dazzling You with B.S.".

Now the Text for this bill has not been published yet. But in the next several days I will be writing a follow up article either proving I am right.. or that I'm sadly mistaken.

One final note about the DRSG coalition that is pushing this "Bill" with the help of traitor Scott Brown. The Members of the DRSG coincidentally include the company in bed with the Obama Administration, General Electric (GE), and some companies that are also members of the NAESB who helped draft PAP-10.

Isn't it great that a "Tea Party" elected Politician is trying to Dazzle you with B.S. so that the Utility, and possibly the Government, will be able to know all the private information about your personal energy usage?

That is what I Call "Change" A Progressive can Believe in ....

And "Change" a True Defender of Liberty Can Fear.


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