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Friday, May 27, 2011

s1029 "E Know" Bill to use "Electronic Permission Forms" in Order to Collect Your Data Via the Smart Grid

A few days ago I brought your attention to a bill now in Congress called S1029 or "E Know". I explained that I felt the bill was intended as a way to make it easier for you to sign away your privacy rights considering that the Smart Grid will be collecting information about everything from your Internet to Ice Cube Use. But in order for that to happen the utility company must first get your permission.

And after reading the text of s1029, the bill does indeed make it easier for you to give up your rights to privacy:

(1) IN GENERAL- Each electric consumer in the United States shall have the right to access (and to authorize 1 or more third parties to access) retail electric energy information of the electric consumer in--

‘(A) an electronic form, free of charge, in conformity with nationally recognized open standards developed by a nationally recognized standards organization; and

‘(B) a manner that is timely and convenient and provides adequate protections for the security of the information and the privacy of the electric consumer.

Third Parties? (Cough Government Cough)

So the Bill will allow you to give permission in an electric form rather than a paper form, therefore making it easier for you to just click an "I agree" button rather than having to read a long contract.

While that isn't the main goal of this bill (but a big part of it) this bill will essentially force all utilities to provide energy usage information to the consumer as soon as possible (within 48 hours). This will get the American People used to having the utility collecting all of their energy usage information (and sharing it with Third Parties) which will make the transition to the Smart Grid much easier.

Of course one may wonder why a Politician (Mark Udell Author of s1029), who strongly supports Pricing Carbon through a Cap and Trade program, would be so interested in pushing something like the Smart Grid while at the same time creating a bill that will make it easier for you to sign away the rights to your Energy Usage Information.....

Someone might think he has some kind of plans that would limit your Individual Carbon Creation....

Nah.. That's Crazy.

Isn't it...........................?




Anonymous said...

Don't click on anything!
Even "Like" buttons and apps that want you to agree to allow them to keep private info are high;y suspicious!
Do not sign, click or agree to ANYTHING.
It is a systematic eventual control of your life and habits...I mean, how much do you use a debit card, for instance, especially if you can use it as a charge?
Did your spending habits change?
How about those "smart" phones?
Hmmm, like the "smart" grid...hmm, like the internet...

Zotta's Perspective said...

Is America getting close to being a Police State? Everyday, the American People are being attacked by all sides limiting our freedom. There are many things on the horizon that our Government wants to impose on the People in order to CONTROL THEM.
The Smart Grid will be used to CONTROL your thermostat and appliances. Obamacare will CONTROL your lifestyle, what you do and what you eat. Starting in 2011, all new cars (eventually all cars) will be mandated to have in them the "black box" to CONTROL your freedom of movement. It will show where you go, your speed, whether you are wearing your seatbelt etc.
Some people may have heard about the FEMA Camps meant to round up the People around the country. Officials call the controversy about them "Conspiracy Theories;" something that will never happen. Nevertheless, it did. The United States had internment camps in the past. Today, Senator John McCain, along with several other Senators is sponsoring The Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010, or S. 3081. The bill authorizes the President to deny a detainee a trial by jury simply by designating that person an “enemy belligerent.”

Who would be considered an enemy belligerent? Could an enemy belligerent be a Tea Party Protester? Possibly, because in April 2010 the Government did a security exercise at Fort Knox and sent out the following message regarding it: “Friday, 23 April 2010, and identifies the terrorist threat adversaries as "Local Militia Groups / Anti-Government Protesters / TEA Party."

Democrat Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey sponsored Senate Bill 34 Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2011. It gives the Attorney General, currently the biased Eric Holder the authority to deny the sale or distribution of firearms or explosives to individuals whom the Attorney General has determined to be engaged in terrorist activities. Who in Eric Holder’s mind may these people be? Could it be Tea Party Patriots?
In the 2008 Presidential election the Obama Regime set up “Truth Squads,” made up of people in POWER, like prosecutors and sheriffs to intimidate people from using their First Amendment right of Free Speech to criticize the candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama. During that election cycle the police were also given a directive to take caution when stopping vehicles displaying the Gadsden Flag, Tea Party stickers, or Ron Paul stickers. Now in 2011, the Obama Regime has a "Truth Czar," who calls himself the terminator. His job will be to scour the internet and the Media looking for people criticizing Obama. When he finds them will they be considered “enemy belligerents?”

More and more everyday American citizens are loosing their freedoms and most of them do not even know it. Wake up America!