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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

LOL Hate Comment of the Month: "Obama is a Centrist"

Sometimes I encounter a Comment or an Email that is so totally wrong or hateful that it deserves special attention. This Comment is both.

Enjoy and Don't Laugh too hard.....Might Break a Rib:

"You say you are an American who is legitimately alarmed about the power and presence of the federal government in people's lives. If you bothered to actually be informed, and do things like "research" and "reading" (you know, those difficult 'r' words) you would find that most of the super-dee-duper scary Obama initiatives are just scare tactics radical conservatives wildly embellish upon to substantiate their hatred of a black President. You know what's driving this country into the ground? Ignorant people who have nothing better to do with their time than villify the greatest President we've had in decades. This President is a centrist. Any political analyst, journalist, or generally EDUCATED person who is capable of OBJECTIVE observation of reality (that aforementioned 'reading stuff you haven't read before to inform yourself' stuff) knows this and has known it for several years. The real people fueling the political turmoil, the division, and distrust in this countryare people like you. They attack a President who has given comprehensive health care to the poor, driving down costs and standardizing the system, pulled out most of our troops from the most disastrous conflict we've ever been involved in, and now, has eliminated the acting commander of the radical movement we've been obsessed with fighting these many years (which doesn't even really exist anymore, save for a few hundred disgruntled mountain fighters in Pakistan). This President is saving America from the turmoil we endured under the real despot - that sorry excuse for American (or human being, for that matter)who used one of our greatest national tragedies as a means to further our material interests in probably the most volatile region on Earth (killing 4,000 of our fellow countrymen and hundreds of thousands of the indigenous population in the process). I'm clearly ranting, but it's only because there's so much to rant about - the economic crisis, Katrina, the Patriot Act???? You want a murdering, dictatorial, freedom-stealing, deficit creating leader to hate? Hate our last President. This one's trying to save all of us (including YOU, ignorant conservative) from what HE did. So keep spreading unsubstantiated hatred about our commander-in-chief. Because he's working to keep you safe and your nation strong every day. Let the haters keep hating. We'll call you out on it until the sky falls down. The truth never fails."

All I can say is too bad it was anonymous, I sure would love to know who is dumb enough to believe the crap they are shoveling.



troster said...

This democracy of Obamas is a hogs.
The ones who really belief the US wants "Democracy" should go see the Youtube Vid "Weltschmerz:Introduction"...

There Chomsky admits they are as interested in Democracy as the chinese are in Socialism.
Imperialists always had pretenses which sounded benevolant: Civilisatorial mission, spreading Christianity etc.

Anonymous said...

Somebody's been smoking the hopium.