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Monday, May 16, 2011

Law Enforcement Employee Refuses Smart Meter: "It's a Huge Big Brother Issue"

The growing concern over the safety of the new Smart Meters, along with the growing privacy concerns, have caused a number of residents in Glendale and Burbank California to refuse the installation of Smart Meters on their homes. According to an article in the LA Times, One resident that refused the installation is employed in law enforcement:

"Glendale and Burbank officials are touting their new "smart meters" project as an exciting technological advancement that will help the utilities and customers track real-time water and electrical use.

But a small group of residents is resisting, saying they're worried about the health effects of the radio waves emitted by the meters. They also say the utilities' ability to view electricity and water usage as it occurs is intrusive and could change the rate structure.

When a contractor arrived to install a smart meter at Erik Bottema's residence, the technician was ordered off his property. Bottema said he's so concerned that he may install a cage around his old meters to prevent them from being replaced.

"It's a huge Big Brother issue," he said. "I work in law enforcement and I find it crazy. It makes me angry that they are going to do this."

He and other concerned residents are in a holding pattern as Burbank and Glendale officials consider allowing residents to drop out of the updated grid

As more and more people learn about the dangers and intrusiveness of the Smart Grid system, the number of people refusing Smart Meters will increase.


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