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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Judy Ancel Thinks Unions Have a Racism Problem and is Against Union Members "Buying American"

Judy Ancel runs the Labor Studies program at the University Missouri Kansas City. Recently Judy and a fellow teacher, Don Giljum, were caught on tape teaching industrial sabotage, violence and communism to their college class. Judy and Don even had the head organizer of the Communist Party USA of St. Louis and Kansas City branches talk to their class about defeating the U.S. in the wars overseas. And two days ago a video was released showing Judy telling her students how to shut down a non union private business.

Yesterday I wrote an article exposing how Judy Ancel doesn't believe when illegals steal your Identity that it's a crime.

Well today the Judy Ancel Saga continues..

According to an Article on the radical Industrial Workers of the World website, Judy Ancel thinks that there is racism in unions and that union members attitude of "Buy American" is a problem:

"Judy Ancel, director of the Institute for Labor Studies at UMKC, talked about her work with the Cross Border Network for Justice and Solidarity....... She criticized xenophobia and racism within unions, such as anti-China stereotypes appearing in union publications. Other related problems, according to Ancel, are global business unionism, labor imperialism, and the "Buy American Nationalism" of American workers."

So as you can see, Judy Ancel is not only a radical Marxist leaning teacher exposing your kids to interesting subjects like violence and Communism. But it also seems she isn't very fond of American made goods and feels that unions have a racism problem.

Makes you wonder why Judy is in a Union... and lives here in the United States...doesn't it?


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Van said...

And she's held that view long & hard. From the info you gave me earlier, I included in my post some of what I found in one of her speeches from 2000, where she wrote (while praising the Seattle WTO riots of 1999, btw)

"On Building an International Solidarity Movement: A Response to Kim Scipes."
"...This link between business unionism and the AFL-CIO's foreign policy is the skeleton in the closet, the reality the AFL-CIO must confront before it can ensure that the old policy doesn't resurface. Meany made a deal with the devil because he believed that his organization and members would benefit by being citizens of the dominant world power..."

She's opposed to the AFL-CIO cold war era leadership because it aided America and American objectives. Whatever meaning "America" has, she opposes it. And she is nowhere near being alone in her views. Her fellows at UMKC, such as Professor Lee, in many cases make her views seem tame.

We have a growing problem with Communism in this country, because we have so very many of these teachers in our schools, and in the Teachers Colleges that teach teachers what and how to teach (and their certificate is often a state mandate).

With every class these people teach, our future becomes that much dimmer (not to mention dhimmi).