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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Judy Ancel Doesn't Think ID Theft by Illegals is a 'Crime'

Judy Ancel is the teacher of Labor Studies at the University of Missouri Kansas City that was caught recently teaching Communism and Union Violence in her college class.

It seems that Marxism and Thuggery are not the only subjects that Judy has interesting things to say about.

According to an Article from 2008 titled:

"Identity theft linked to illegal immigration"

Judy believes that when Illegals steal someone's identity in order to work in the United States, it's not a 'Crime','Crime'(wink, wink, nudge, nudge):

"Judy Ancel, director of the University of Missouri-Kansas City's Institute for Labor Studies, said it's wrong to compare immigrant workers to criminals who take out fraudulent credit cards.

"Identity theft is when you steal someone's identity in order to profit from them," she said. "The crime they (illegal immigrants with fake identities) have committed is working under somebody else's Social Security number. The attempt to criminalize immigration is the wrong path. ... It's just going to make a bunch of families suffer."

So Judy is under the impression that the felon, aka Illegal Alien, that has already broken federal law for being in the U.S. ILLEGALLY doesn't commit the same crime by stealing someone's I.D. to work as someone who is here LEGALLY and steals credit card information because they don't PROFIT by it?

Hmmm.. lets see how that makes sense..

It' Doesn't!!

If someone steals my I.D. for ANY REASON it's the same Crime no matter who did it and what their reason is.

And both the Illegal who is working on my I.D. and the Credit Card thief PROFIT from it's use.....DUH. The Credit Card Thief buys a bunch of stuff he doesn't have to pay for and the Illegal gets a paycheck and doesn't get deported because he is using someone elses ID.

Maybe Judy doesn't understand what Profit means. Well at least we know that she understands what Communism and Violence mean.

So a word to all of you Illegals out there....

If you meet Judy Ancel remember, she doesn't believe that if you steal her I.D. in order to work that it's a crime.

So I guess if you break into her house and steal her car because your hungry and don't have your own set of wheels......

That's OK to....


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