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Monday, May 16, 2011

Illinois Governor to Veto Smart Grid Legislation

Again for the second time in almost 2 Days I am forced to give props to the Communist State of Illinois because they are finally getting something right.

According to an article on Smartmeters.com, Governor Pat Quinn is threatening to Veto the Smart Grid legislation currently moving through the Illinois legislature:

"Illinois governor Pat Quinn has vowed to veto Smart Grid legislation headed for a vote in the state legislature. Quinn said he would not sign the legislation, which promises newer technology from Commonwealth Edison Co. and Ameren Services because of cost concerns.

Quinn says, “The legislation from the utilities that they have proposed for oversight of electric utilities in the state of Illinois is just not acceptable to the people of our state and the consumers of our state.”

The Smart Grid would give ComEd and Ameren automatic rate increases, with Ameren’s downstate customers paying an extra $5 a year and ComEd’s customers paying an extra $36 a year. In return, the companies would be required to spend millions on a new power grid, new meters, and new automatic technology.

Lawmakers, the Illinois Attorney General’s office, the Illinois Commerce Commission and consumer advocates have been conferring for months in an effort to reach an agreement before the end of the spring legislative session. But Governor Quinn says he wants everyone to go back to the bargaining table.

Quinn states: “This is the businesses-end of the ball game. More will be done in the next three weeks than have been done in the last three months. Last week we made our position known on (legislation) that was coming up, and we were able to prevail on that. And I think we’ll be able to do that on this (legislation) that ComEd is currently proposing.”

I won't say this very often but those of you in Illinois may want to call Governor Quinn and pat him on the back for doing the right thing. But while your doing that you may want to point out the privacy concerns that go along with the Smart Grid as well.

Just saying...


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